Lots of live webcasts coming up over the next 3 weeks. First up is "Judging A Book By Its Cover: What Does Your Webcast Say About Your Event and Your Brand?" featuring Mark Pinvidic, Managing Partner at Noble Financial on Tuesday, October 27, 2009 from 11:00 - 11:30 a.m. Central. Always FREE!

Does your webcast mirror the quality of your event? Mark Pinvidic, Managing Partner at Noble Financial, didn't think so.

Each year, Noble Financial's Capital Markets Group hosts a two-day annual equity conference that brings together the executive teams of public companies and potential institutional investors. And each year, due to scheduling conflicts, budget constraints and travel restrictions, many investors wanted to see the company presentations but simply could not attend.

This led Noble to become an early adopter of webcasting, but Pinvidic found the interface of webcasting platforms common within the investment community sorely lacking. They offered only the presentation audio and PowerPoint slides, sometimes required viewers to advance the slides manually and often prompted advance downloads which took too much time to install - an overall user experience which did not accurately reflect the quality of Noble's premier event. Plus, the conference is held in a different location each time, which made it time-consuming and costly to find a local and more importantly - trusted - partner for videography and webcasting.

He will tell the story of Noble's webcasting journey, ultimately selecting Sonic Foundry Event Services with immediate results - over 5,000 viewers in less than six months and increased exposure that powered millions of dollars of investment, leading the company to double the number of presentations captured at its next annual conference.

He'll share his insights and lessons learned, including how to use event webcasts to:

  • Translate the attention to detail of your event into an online experience
  • Create maximum exposure to drive new investments and relationships for presenters, investors and even conference organizers
  • Build a competitive advantage over other conferences through live webcasts as a value-added marketing tool
  • Save time and money over traditional video production approaches


Mr. Mark Pinvidic joined Noble Financial in 2002 bringing to the company more than 25 years of marketing experience in various industries including oil & gas, biotechnology (a company he took public in 1996; listed on the TSE and ME), financial services and consumer products. In the last category as business owner, Mr. Pinvidic developed several proprietary brands including a line of oral care products endorsed by celebrities such as Christie Brinkley and Heather Locklear, and a line of teen-oriented bath & body products which achieved retail sales in North America of more than $40 million in the first four months of distribution. Mr. Pinvidic is responsible for Noble Financial's branding and marketing initiatives as well as working with Mr. Pronk (President) in the overall management of the firm.