Saleh Elgiadi, Director of IT Services for WSU Spokane, will present "Fortify Your Institutional H1N1 Plan with Lecture Capture: Mediasite at Washington State University" on Tuesday, November 10 at 11:00 central. As always, this webinar is free.

Washington State University’s main campus is currently experiencing what last month the New York Times called perhaps the largest college outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus. More than 2,000 students report symptoms of swine flu, which has led the entire Washington State system to take measures to avoid the spread of the disease between and beyond campuses.

And for WSU Spokane, which specializes in health science programs, lecture capture has become central to their pandemic and academic continuity planning. The campus began using the Mediasite webcasting platform just a year ago when its new nursing building came online.

Since that time, capturing courses – both on-campus and from faculty home offices – is a key element to span the time, distance and space constraints that are dramatic factors when flu preparedness is introduced on today’s scale.

Saleh Elgiadi has agreed to share his fundamental principles and practices included in the campus’ comprehensive H1N1 and disaster recovery plans, including how to:


  • Minimize the impact of absences and closures through a combination of room-based course capture, videoconferencing, archived and pre-recorded lectures plus faculty recording remotely from home offices, all via Mediasite
  • Use a centralized approach to recorder management that provides more flexibility to capture multiple rooms as schedules change in response to flu management
  • Build a repository of online, on-demand educational materials to deliver to ill students in their homes as well as in case of mandated social distancing


About our presenter: Saleh Elgiadi is the Director of Information Technology Services, Academic and Research Technologies at Washington State University in Spokane. He is responsible for the campus’ Academic and Research computing, distance learning technologies, High Performance Computing, video and digital media production as well as strategic planning and policy development for those areas.

Elgiadi has over twenty years of experience working in higher education and has provided vision and leadership for a wide variety of successful information technology initiatives including an online employee training and development system, a course management system, High Definition videoconferencing, video-on-demand services, podcasting, and lecture capture and webcasting.

Elgiadi has a Bachelor in Computer Science and Mathematics from Eastern Washington University, and a Master in International Business Management from Whitworth University. He participates in professional organizations and has presented in local and national conferences.