It’s been a whirlwind four months at University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Since the university began its video capture and management program in September 2014, faculty and staff have created 16,500 videos — 14,000+ hours — that received 185,000 views.

With impressive numbers like that it’s only fitting that the university be represented at the world’s leading learning technology event, BETT 2015 (British Educational Training and Technology Show) Jan. 21-24 at ExCel London.

Professor Neil Morris, Director of Digital Learning at Leeds, along with Sonic Foundry’s vice president international Ray Hassell, will share with the show’s 35,000+ attendees how the university’s new state-of-the art Mediasite lecture capture system – the largest automated lecture capture deployment in the world – is changing the way instructors teach and students learn. Be sure to catch their session, “Campus-wide implementation of integrated lecture capture: Impact on student learning at University of Leeds” on Jan. 23.

The university invested more than $3 million to set up the new system which will record up to 50,000 hours of teaching activity each year. About 250 learning spaces in the university have been equipped with Mediasite. Mediasite Recorders capture and manage what's happening in the classroom for students to watch live or on-demand within the university’s learning management system, Blackboard. In addition, My Mediasite desktop capture gives faculty and students the ability to create and share presentations from desktops or mobile devices.

“Mediasite provides us with a really strong and robust infrastructure underneath everything that we do. It provides a platform for all our video, audio and slide resources in a very seamless and integrated way that allows students and teachers to get a much more enriched learning experience,” said Professor Neil Morris, Director of Digital Learning at Leeds. “The new technology gives students the chance to learn and study at their own pace and will let them revisit course content at any point in the year.”

University of Leeds applies a blended learning approach to everything, which means that face-to-face interaction with students is the most important thing. That can be quite traditional in its forms, but the university is starting to use more in-classroom technologies.

“For example, mobile voting and use of much more video-based materials in the lecture, as opposed to just the academic talking. It’s all supplemented by additional resources provided through the LMS where we can do interactive activities, link to video and provide opportunities for discussion and collaboration. It’s the combination of those technologies together that is enriching the student learning experience. Students have different preferences for how they learn. You need to provide all the resources in multiple formats for different kinds of learning.”

Learn more about Leeds’ system in their news article, “New Lecture Capture System Benefits Students from the Start of Term.”