Here’s a question for you to ponder:

What would be different if your marketing strategy was based on video?

When most marketers hear that they instantly think of highly-produced segments with scripts, actors, music and production schedules worthy of a Super Bowl commercial spot. And there’s a place for that, budget permitting.

But there’s also an easier way. 

We’ve literally used hundreds of authentic, unscripted videos in every aspect of our marketing and communications for the better part of 10 years.

Video helps us build brand loyalty by forging personal connections with our customers. Video increases our know, like and trust factor with prospects and partners. Analysts and investors feel more connected, informed and engaged with video messages. And video plays a critical role in our lead-generation campaigns.

The results are better click-through rates, enlivened newsletters, clear product communication and holiday greetings that don’t get thrown directly into the recycle bin.

The top examples of some of the more successful uses of video are listed below. (Full disclosure, we capture, manage, search and analyze the effectiveness of these videos using Mediasite.)

1. Best practice webinars – This series generates thought leadership, shares customer stories and best practices, and amps up lead generation. Watch below and click here for more examples.

2. Investor Relations – Webcasting our quarterly earnings calls and annual shareholder meeting gives our shareholders a personal connection with Gary Weis and Ken Minor, our CEO and CFO. Here's how they do it.

3. Customer highlight videos – Whether our customers use webcasting to capture lectures or training a global workforce, they’re telling us about it. Watch here or check out more videos.

4. Employee spotlight – Sonic Foundry has awesome employees, with varied interests and hobbies. Once in a while it’s fun to share who they are and what they’re up to. Get to know them here.

5. Enterprise Video Awards – See #3 above. We started these video awards in 2005 and so far have recognized nearly 200 organizations for their creative use of video at work. Watch here and check out more video submissions.

6. Flipping meetings – We eat our own dog food here when it comes to meetings as well. Training is done via My Mediasite. Employees make time to watch first, and attend the meeting later. It makes for more dynamic meetings that focus on moving the conversation forward. 

7. Video greeting cards – We’ve hired an actor to play Santa, recorded holiday newscasts, shared poems written by elementary school students and even had our way with fruitcake. All on video. 

8. User conference – Every year our customers get together in Madison for Unleash, the Mediasite User Conference. They share their inspiring stories, get Mediasite training and share best practices. Of course, we capture all of it so attendees can revisit what they learned, and remote attendees can participate live. Take a look 

Want more? Here are 12 more quick ideas for incorporating video into your daily marketing life. 

9. Product releases

10. Newsletters

11. Email campaigns

12. Social media updates

13. Analyst relations

14. Community building

15. Press briefings

16. Blog posts

17. Documenting meetings

18. Video case studies

19. All employee meetings

20. Executive welcomes