What are the top three uses for corporate video? Poll results from our recent webinar tell us they’re enterprise communication (30%), hybrid events (22%) and online training (22%). 

These numbers aren’t surprising. Our customers have been using Mediasite to maximize their communication plans for a while now, and over the years we’ve amassed loads of examples of each of these applications and more.

Chances are video has replaced – or at least complements – your face-to-face communications. But while the video is streaming, you still have to convey unified messages, deliver training, build stronger teams, boost efficiency and facilitate personal executive-employee communication.

Tom Aquilone from Lockheed Martin recently outlined these use-cases for using video in the enterprise and shared his secrets for fail-proof webcasting in corporate communications. As part of the Information Systems and Global Solutions (IS&GS) team at Lockheed Martin he’s streamed everything from executive addresses to compliance, ethics and diversity training. Tom shared what he’s learned in our most recent webinar, 7 Ways to Leverage Video for Your Corporate Communications.


Want more? Read on for a deep dive into our customer list to find out how they’ve been leveraging video over the years. We have 33 more examples of using Mediasite for executive briefings, training and marketing. And they’ve realized big ROI in the process. Maybe after clicking a few of the links below you’ll be inspired to kick your video plan into high gear.  

Enterprise Communications:


Critical Information, Training and Webinars: