Buying is Hard

Sure, making any sort of financial decision can be tricky, but determining which hybrid event services to use might be trickier than you thought. 

From the stage to the screen there are several vendors you need to choose, such as your streaming provider, the platform you use and the production services. As a planner you get quotes from several vendors and they may not seem like they’re apples to apples. 

Some of the streaming providers offer production services. Some of the production companies specialize in streaming services. Some of the platform services provide streaming services, and some of the streaming providers offer platform services. 

Are you confused yet?

You start to get overlap, and as a planner you can get pretty frustrated. 

Check out what Samuel J. Smith has to say about breaking through the frustration to ensure you have a good planning experience. Sam is one of the researchers of The Meeting Professionals International Foundation’s research on hybrid events, which was sponsored by Sonic Foundry. 

This is the fourth lesson that we’ve learned from the research. Back in October we told you that hybrid meetings will NOT cannibalize your face-to-face meetings. In November you learned the most important thing you can do when holding a hybrid event is to have a rehearsal, and last month we told you to have great expectations

Next month we’ll share with you Sam’s final piece of advice, so stay tuned. 

You can download the research at

Also, be sure to check out the Hybrid Meetings and Events Toolkit

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