I’m excited to introduce you to Gary Weis, who is joining Sonic Foundry as our new CEO.

Earlier this month we announced some key changes to our executive team. After twenty years of service to Sonic Foundry, our founder and CTO Monty Schmidt will be transitioning from the company to pursue other interests. But as you may expect, he’ll still continue on as a consultant and friend of the company and customers.

The current CEO role is also changing, with Rimas Buinevicius taking on the duties of Executive Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, and Gary Weis – long time director – now officially at the helm as CEO.

We wanted to give you a chance to get to know Gary better, in case you won’t be coming to UNLEASH 2011, the Mediasite User Conference, where you’ll get to meet him in person.

Read on, and please join me in welcoming Gary to Sonic Foundry!

Tell us a bit about your background and how you came to be at Sonic Foundry?

I’ve had the pleasure of serving on Sonic Foundry’s Board of Directors for 7 years. I’m a native of the Chicago area, and over my career I’ve had a lot of experience in other companies running large and small operations, including Sears, IBM, AT&T and Concert. But the common focus throughout my career has always been the support of enterprise customers within the networking and communications industry. By education, I’m an engineer, with BS and MS degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

What prompted this move?

Sonic Foundry has taken the Mediasite technology and evolved it into a high quality, enterprise product and service offering for its customers. The company has achieved a great deal of success with a dedicated, passionate team, and that clearly is a distinguishing factor for me. Plus, the company has such a unique culture and market following. We’re now celebrating our 20th year, with our customer base over 2000 strong.

What are your immediate plans in this new role?

I look forward to becoming a part of the Sonic Foundry culture, and helping take the organization forward. The market for streaming video, lecture capture and event webcasting is poised for serious growth, and I plan to apply my industry expertise to ensure that we’re delivering the very best solutions to meet the needs of our customers today, and also on into the future.

What does that mean for Sonic Foundry’s customers?

Delivering what our customers want and need has always been our focus, and my role here is to maintain and even intensify that mission. It’s key that we determine how to optimize the organization to meet the demands of enterprise users from a services, support and technology perspective. Every business needs to concentrate on how we can be better than we are today, no matter how much you’ve achieved. So I am looking forward to understanding what’s important to our existing customers, what are new people looking for from us and how can we address both of those requirements with speed and quality.

Anything else to add?

Just that I’d like to encourage one-on-one interaction between myself and any of our employees to help make the business better – either by improving our internal processes or better serving our customers.