We can't simply become stagnant. This was the key motivator for our virtual symposium options. When removing the costs of hotel, food and travel, the virtual conference becomes a much more viable scenario.   - RT Brown, Sloan-C

Over the past couple years, Sonic Foundry has partnered with The Sloan Consortium to webcast sessions from their conferences, even using their 5 pillars of quality to assess its effectiveness. RT Brown of Sloan-C recently blogged about some of the lessons learned from past virtual conferences and experimenting with Second Life.

But this year, given all the travel restrictions in place, it's become even more important for people to get the conference info without necessarily being at the conference (International Symposium for Emerging Technology Applications for Online Learning< June 17-19 in San Francisco, CA).

In response, Sloan-C created a virtual symposium powered by Mediasite. They've tripled the number of sessions we're streaming and added presentations from exhibitors plus ways to interact with other attendees through Moodle and other tools.

And beyond making the conference a blended event, Sloan-C is also looking for local sites to deliver the streaming presentations to your colleagues and people within commuting distance.

In this webinar, RT Brown will walk us through the Localness Initiative and how it can drive professional development and online learning on your campus.