As John was saying, we're having great conversations with our customers and new friends at EduComm 09. Not just about lecture capture, but about the general educational technology issues they face each day.

Here's a smattering of comments I jotted down throughout the day. Some were made about Mediasite, some during sessions and some are just general musings overheard in the line for the carved turkey. Yeah, the Ritz Carlton Orlando takes cocktail hour very seriously.


  1. "IT is not always sensitive to the timeline faculty and students are under when introducing new technology or upgrades, like Blackboard. I think its important, particularly for millenials, for IT to understand the importance of always on. Millennials want constant feedback, reward systems, systems that are set up and just run smoothly. This is a generation that has no tolerance for technology not working, and will quickly get frustrated if they are unable to access or can't download something they need for class."
  2. "We need to train students too, not just faculty, on how to use technology. We shouldn't assume they know how to use things."
  3. "We have faculty who hate digital signage. They will actually reach up and turn them off."
  4. "I get it. I get online courses. This is such a no brainer for me and my team. I just need convince my school that this is something we absolutely need to be doing. Right now."
  5. "Our Dean just mandated [lecture capture] right out of the gate. You will be mediasited unless you ask otherwise." [heard same approach from University of Maryland, Baltimore in our recent webinar]
  6. "Faculty are still freaked out that students won't show up. As far as you've come with the technology, and the research is out there, but there are still these very basic people issues that we need to overcome."
  7. "They took the network down for two weeks to beef up our infrastructure and when we announced this meant Mediasite would be temporarily down, faculty freaked out. We found out almost a dozen instructors were using Mediasite for remediation for their students, who were required to review content to then pass two tests. It was a great indicator of use, a great way to know that faculty were actively using and cared about deployment."


My key takeaway from all this is that while many Mediasite users are pushing the envelope with online courses and blended learning, you can't ignore the importance of nailing the basic people issues: communicating with faculty, building consensus across departments, finding a champion and demonstrating value.

What have you been hearing? How could the basics move your institution forward?