Larissa Williamson of the University of Florida will present "Can You Teach Math Online? Real Life Lessons From An Experienced Educator Using Mediasite at the University of Florida" on Tuesday, August 25 at 11:00 a.m. CT. Like all our webinars, this one is free. Simply register to view on-demand at

Skeptical about teaching undergraduate courses online? Unconvinced that some instruction, like math, can effectively be taught in an entirely online environment?

Doctor of Mathematics Larissa Williamson might convince you otherwise. As a faculty member in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida, she has taught over a thousand undergraduate students – predominantly on-campus, traditional students – via the Mediasite lecture capture platform. Her classes have ranged from blended or hybrid lectures with both online and in-classroom instruction to fully online classes with both live and on-demand webcasts and discussion.

In this presentation, she’ll uncover the pitfalls and best practices of online instruction for undergraduate core courses.

  • Why students chose the online section of the course when given the choice between live lectures in class or live lectures online
  • How the environment and quality of lectures in a physical classroom may not be as conducive to learning as the online environment
  • Where she chose to break up a traditional 50-minute lecture into shorter fragments and how it better complemented her overall course design
  • What benefits she and her students realized with the Mediasite platform recording software
  • Plus words of wisdom for other faculty just getting started teaching online

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