(Part of an ongoing series featuring Enterprise Video Award finalists)

Students at San Antonio College have spoken, and the consensus is that Mediasite helps them learn.

The college, the largest single campus community college in Texas with more than 25,000 students, ran a Mediasite lecture capture pilot, and 97 percent of students agreed that they were more successful having access to on-demand lectures for review.

That’s not the only way the college is using academic video, though. It also created a call intercept center to better serve its booming enrollment, and made on-demand training modules for the call agents. This has allowed the college to serve up to 60,000 phone calls a month, and the efficiency rate increased from 17 percent to 90 percent.

“Being a champion of Mediasite allowed me to have the guts to have an innovative vision,” said Mona Aldana Ramirez, director of student success. “It’s like telling people, ‘I’ve gone into the future and I’ve seen what we can do. I had to come back and tell you to apply this to every opportunity we get at our institution.”