The opportunity to be a part of something meaningful. The opportunity to make a difference. That’s why we are dedicated to webcasting. From classrooms to boardrooms, we’re putting knowledge online to give people the opportunity to achieve great things. And years from now, the world will be more informed, more connected as a result.

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“We are operating in a market (video) that can be influenced significantly by individual efforts and actions. Sonic Foundry represents a unique opportunity for anyone wanting to see their actions materialize into benefits directly with customers.” – Rob Lipps, Executive Vice President

“I keep working at Sonic Foundry because of the people. There are thousands of job opportunities out there; people are what make places different. Every day I wake up excited to go to work, to interact with the people and to work on different projects.” – Justin Helgerson, Director of Business Systems Design & Support

“The entire company seems to be populated with exceptional people.  I’m constantly learning, and I’ve never worked with a higher caliber collection of individuals in my nearly 20-year career. There are lots of tough technical challenges to tackle with freedom to innovate and find a good solution.” – David Kalsbeek, Director of Engineering