And if you don’t, the person you work for does.

Let me explain.

Sonic Foundry is filled with creative people (as is any good technology company) – musicians, artists, writers, DJs and lots of drummers (at one point I began to wonder if you had to be a a drummer to work here!).

When a creative person sends out their work – for example, let’s say I send a song to my friends and family – the first thing I want to know is, “did they listen to it?” and closely followed by “did they like it?”

It’s human nature.

Most of us have not yet fully achieved that glorious state of “creating for the sheer joy of creating.” That is – we still want that external affirmation that what we’ve done is good.

That same desire lives in presenters. Whether a CEO, trainer or university professor, presenters may pretend they don’t care what people think, but they do. You do. Admit it.

If I offered you a report on who watched your presentations, for how long, which segments of the presentation they reviewed multiple times and a myriad of other minutia about that presentation, you would lap that up. Come on. Give in. You know you want to know.

New intensity graph for reporting in Mediasite 5.1

Well, that is if you are like me.

The Importance of Reporting

And if you’re not like me, maybe some of these scenarios will illustrate the importance of reporting when choosing your rich media webcasting platform.

  • Let’s say you need some funding for your department. How might I show the value of the work we do? (hint: reporting)
  • Let’s say I’m up for tenure. How might I show the value of the instruction I am providing? Of the research I’m conducting? (hint: reporting)
  • Let’s say I’m managing a global sales organization. How can I be sure my sales staff are absorbing critical information they need to succeed in the field? (hint: reporting)
  • Let's say I'm in marketing and planning our annual conference. How can I justify the expense of bringing in a headline guest speaker? (hint: reporting)
  • Let’s say I just want to know where my students are struggling. How can I know which areas are bogging them down? (hint: reporting)
  • Let’s say I need additional staff to support the growth of media at my institution. How might I justify that? (hint: reporting)
  • Let’s say I’m looking for a promotion. How might I show the contributions I’ve made to the organization? (hint: reporting)
  • Let’s say I’m applying for a grant for expanding the use of innovative instructional technology on my campus. How can I prove we’ve got the right organization deserving of these additional funds? (hint: reporting)

If you want to understand the value of your rich media content, accurate and detailed reporting is a must have in your rich media webcasting platform.

Don’t overlook it. You do want to know.

PS If you want to learn more about Mediasite's latest reporting modifications, tune in to our upcoming web seminar entitled 5.1 in 15: Reporting.