Photo: Ralph Welsh, professor at Clemson University, uses flipped instruction to reach more students and create more personalized learning experiences. See what he has to say below.

Enterprises and classrooms pushed rich video to the forefront of their tech plans last year, and Mediasite was at the center of it all.

Mediasite enthusiasts and our very own Sean Brown, senior VP, and Donny Neufuss, senior account manager for Mediasite Events, made sure the world knew the power of video by sharing their success stories and tips in the media. Check out these guest columns to learn their secrets.

Corporate & Events

  1. Streaming Media, Sonic Foundry: Executive Palmistry 2014 (Brown)
  2. Sound & Communications, BYOD in Enterprise AV Design (Brown and Bill Nattress, CTS-D, CTS-I, of Shen Milson & Wilke)
  3. ACTIVE Event Management Blog, 9 Tips for Choosing a Hybrid Events Streaming Partner (Neufuss)
  4. ACTIVE Event Management Blog, A Cautionary Tale: How to Lose Online Conference Attendees in 5 Steps (Neufuss)
  5. ACTIVE Event Management Blog, Event Webcasting Brings Hybrid Events Out of Captivity (Neufuss)

Higher Ed

  1. EdTech Digest, On-Demand Learning (Brian Smith, University of Florida)
  2. AV Technology, Stream of Consciousness (Brian Smith, University of Florida)
  3. EdTech Digest, Just Flip It (Ralph Welsh, Clemson University)
  4. Private University Products and News, From the Front Lines of the Flipped Classroom (Ralph Welsh, Clemson University)
  5. AV Technology, What’s Driving the Rapid Expansion of Lecture Capture in Norway? (Thorleif Hallen, UNINETT)
  6. EdTech Digest, New Year’s Flip (Brown)
  7. EdTech Digest, Picture This: An Experts Take on the Future of Video in Education (Brown)
  8. CIO Review, The Future of Video in Education (Brown)
  9. AV Technology, Generation Tech: As More Students Demand Dynamic Classroom Technology, Academics are Embracing the Shift in Pedagogy (Brown)
  10. Inside Higher Ed, The Pulse Podcast with Sean Brown, Sonic Foundry

Plus, Sonic Foundry, in conjunction with the Center for Digital Education, revealed the first comprehensive national survey about flipped classrooms in November, showing that half of faculty at universities are flipping or have plans to in the next 12 months. Don’t miss these articles with more information.

  1. The Huffington Post, Changing the Role of Classrooms Around the World
  2. Streaming Media, Flipped Classroom Model Taking Off, Thanks to Online Video
  3. eCampus News, Flipped Classroom Model Gains Steam on Campuses
  4. Campus Technology, Report: Half of University Faculty Have Flipped Their Classrooms or Will in Next Year
  5. The Marquette Tribune, MU Joins Trend in Higher Education for ‘Flipped Classroom’ Model
  6. EdTech Digest, Infographic: The Upside of Upside Down