With the start of the new school year comes the need to get up to speed with the latest educational technologies and teaching techniques. That can be a daunting task but is one that is imperative to student success.

Eastern New Mexico University recently made professional development a lot more fun by turning it into a speed dating event. About 160 faculty attended Distance Education Expo 2015: Speed Dating on Distance Learning Techniques and Technology.

Each table focused on a certain topic, such as Mediasite 7 and Mediasite Desktop Recorder, flipped instruction, Blackboard and online best practices. Participants learned what each technology and strategy is and why they need to use it.

“Prior to the event, we had sent out a survey to faculty to gauge the need for professional development related to distance education technology and teaching strategies.  However, many faculty said that they weren’t even sure what topics they wanted more information or training on because they weren’t clear what all of these technologies, tools and strategies were in the first place,” said Mary Ayala, Dean, College of Liberal Arts. “People left the event pumped up.  We hope that faculty are now better informed to incorporate some of these tools, strategies, and technologies.”

ENMU uses Mediasite for flipped instruction, hybrid classes and even to record special events and guest speakers. Learn more about its Mediasite story at /customer/eastern-new-mexico-university/.

“Our Mediasite campus guru, John Erdmann, prepares an annual feature which is arguably the most entertaining part of our back-to-school meetings each fall,” Ayala said. “Not only does he edit a cleverly subtitled Mediasite `bloopers’ video, but he also recognizes faculty milestones in different categories, like: highest number of synchronous views; highest number of Mediasite presentations, etc. Both the faculty featured in the bloopers reels and the award-winning `queens’ and `kings’ of Mediasite are honored with swag bags. Since the blooper reels are hilarious, the laughter among colleagues always starts the semester off on a good note.”