If you’ve used video to challenge the status quo in your organization; if you’ve flipped a class, a training session or a town hall meeting; if you’ve helped your executive team convey important knowledge and information across time and distance; if you’ve created a hybrid event or even if you’ve just launched your video program, chances are we’ll be inspired by what you’ve done.

That’s why we created the Enterprise Video Awards, affectionately known as the EVAs, and we’re now accepting nominations.

For more than a decade we’ve used the EVAs as a platform to recognize excellence in the practical and creative integration of Mediasite in business, education, health and government.

If you’re a Mediasite user, you really should consider applying. Check out these past winners for inspiration.

Finalists will be notified by January 31 and will receive:

  • One free conference registration to Unleash, the Mediasite User Conference
  • Recognition at an awards dinner during Unleash
  • The chance to win a Mediasite ML HD Recorder
  • A $2500 scholarship to award to a student of your choice (Video in Education Scholarship Winners)

How to Apply

Step 1: Record a 3 – 5 minute HD video answering the following questions:

  • What problem was solved by webcasting?
  • What makes this initiative different or innovative?
  • What is the primary benefit resulting from this application of webcasting?
  • What measurable results has the organization seen?
  • How will this use of webcasting affect the nominee’s organization in the future?
  • Before Mediasite we ______, and now we ______.

Step 2: Fill out the application and summarize your video in 300 words or less.

Step 3: Upload your HD video.



Global Reach Award: Recognizes any successful initiative that connects the international community through video.

Innovation Award: Recognizes an organization for outstanding innovation and unique accomplishments in video including automation, room or online integration, user-generated content or pedagogy. 

Outcomes Award: Recognizes an organization that uses rich media to achieve a measurable ROI in its training, communications or outreach initiatives.

Prolific Use Award: Recognizes an organization that has dramatically scaled its rich video program to achieve broad use across its enterprise, including a large number of presentations, presentation views, or video creation among expanded group of users.

Rapid Adoption Award:  Recognizes an organization for deploying, fostering, advancing and accelerating the adoption of a rich media program.

High-Profile Event Award: Recognizes an organization which successfully used video to create an outstanding live or hybrid event experience.

Video Maverick Award: Recognizes an individual for his or her tireless efforts to evangelize rich media. Finalists will be selected for championing the adoption and use of video both within and outside of his or her organization, and educating others on using the power of video to inspire, teach and mobilize their communities.

Sonic Foundry Video in Education Scholarship: Designed to encourage and enhance students’ higher education experiences through video. The winning university develops the criteria to award this scholarship to a worthy student.