Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation

Mediasite helps the United States Air Force advance its Warfighting Integration activities supporting the Global War on Terror.

Mediasite helps the United States Air Force advance its warfighting Integration activities supporting the Global War on Terror. The Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS) needed to efficiently capture and disseminate Air Force training events and information, incorporating both video and briefing slides. The AFAMS used a tripod video camera to document events and spent valuable time setting up equipment and digitizing footage. The agency struggled to integrate informative slides into presentations, and officials reviewing the presentation were forced to flip through hard copies while viewing a video. AFAMS looked to Mediasite for an efficient recording solution with an easy reviewing process.

AFAMS benefits from the immediate availability of presentations and easy integration of Mediasite into existing computer systems, employing Mediasite at least eight times per month to capture complex presentations. The technology has saved time and money on re-briefing and production, allowing defense entities, including the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force, to focus on more pressing Pentagon missions. 

At a glance

  • Air Force needed to capture and disseminate defense training
  • Mediasite easily incorporates diverse media and reduces costs
  • Flexible reviewing option allows for immediate availability of key information
  • Technology streamlines process, allowing defense entities to focus on missions


Captain Zach Krbec serves as CVC deputy director and manages daily operations for this essential unit. Since the CVC first opened its doors, Pentagon officials had grown accustomed to using a camera on a tripod to capture events. This required time to set up and even more effort to digitize the footage. In addition, briefing slides could not easily be incorporated into presentations. Officials who could not attend events or wished to review those that they had attended were forced to watch a video while flipping through a hard copy PowerPoint® presentation. To locate a particular section of the content, officials had to blindly rewind and fast forward. Therefore, Krbec and other decision-makers sought a more efficient way to record events at their facility.


“We looked at several vendors but chose Mediasite because of its screen capture layout. The side-by-side view of the presenter and slides was exactly what we needed for the complex presentations our teams must view on a regular basis,” said Krbec.

The team purchased the Mediasite communications system in the summer of 2005. It took less than two hours to get the Mediasite RL Series Recorder integrated into the complex government computing system. With Mediasite, viewers have been able to receive audio, video and graphic images live or on-demand. Additionally, because it requires almost no pre- or post-production, Mediasite saves Krbec and his team more than six hours per presentation.

Now, the team uses Mediasite to capture at least eight events per month. “It’s easy to use and creates a well-packaged and professional product,” he said. “It has definitely exceeded our expectations.”

One of the ways the CVC uses Mediasite is to record key classified and unclassified presentations conducted by the USAF and Department of Defense (DOD) senior leaders. These recordings are then available for future utilization by their demanding customers. Not only has the product saved the CVC valuable time, but it also has given them the ability to easily capture both the presentation and the presentation material all at once – without any post-production and they routinely present the customer with a complete recorded presentation at the conclusion of their meeting.

Before Mediasite, if a senior leader needed to review a presentation that he/she may have given in the past, it required the time to search audio, video and data files, and then format the material into a useful file that could be burned to a CD or DVD. This process could take up to eight hours, depending on the presentation. Now, this information is instantly available through keyword search and slide navigation. They can simply view the list of thumbnails of a specific session, click on the desired thumbnail slide and the audio, video and accompanying graphics are quickly synchronized to that portion of the presentation. This functionality saves CVC and the Air Force both money and time, allowing staff to better focus on supporting its Pentagon mission.


The response to Mediasite has been extremely positive among Pentagon employees. Staffers appreciate the time savings realized by not having to re-brief coworkers who were unable to attend presentations as well as the unique capability to capture both the presenter and the presentation for an official record of the event. Senior leaders who are unable to attend can then view the event in its entirety at their convenience and as many times as desired.

The CVC boasts a number of high-level government customers, including the United States Army, Navy, Air Force as well as other areas of the DOD. Each agency provides their own content for the briefings and exercises, which are mediasited at various locations within the Pentagon. “The biggest benefit for our government organization is that we now have a no hassle way to easily record the hundreds of briefings that the CVC supports – from the numerous routine, daily briefings to the larger, main demonstrations that our office conducts in support of USAF and DOD senior leaders,” said Krbec.

“We are using Mediasite exactly the way we intended, which has saved us enormous amount of time – time we are now able to devote to more pressing matters,” Krbec concluded.