Allergan, Inc.

Allergan mediasites quarterly executive briefings, HR training and R&D strategy sessions to save time and money while reaching a global workforce.

Allergan mediasites quarterly executive briefings, HR training and R&D strategy sessions to save time and money while reaching a global workforce.

Allergan found its solution in Mediasite by Sonic Foundry. In addition to using Mediasite to record quarterly meetings, Allergan now uses the system for its new global HR training program as well as Research and Development strategy meetings. A large, global company, Allergan has saved significant time and money by reducing travel, and its employees appreciate the convenience and automation of Mediasite.

At a glance

  • Simultaneous communication to 5,000 worldwide employees cumbersome
  • Fast and flexible technology allows ease-of-use for "non-tech" employees
  • Monthly on-demand training for managers in 10 countries reduces travel costs
  • Company planning additional Mediasite applications for the future


As a large, global company, Allergan has been webcasting its quarterly company meetings since October 2001 as a way of giving its employees, regardless of location, the opportunity to receive earnings and company news, and ask questions of the executive team. However, the web presentation system it used to do this required each slide of a PowerPoint® presentation to be saved as a gif or jpeg file and uploaded to the server in advance of the event.

Following the presentation, the file was outsourced for post-production work and it was days before employees could watch it on the company Intranet. In short, it was “time-consuming, cumbersome and restrictive,” according to Sandy Clark, employee communications manager at Allergan.


Once Allergan experienced Sonic Foundry’s® Mediasite first hand, it became the standard from which it measured all other competing products against visual quality, functionality and ease-of-use. One of Allergan’s favorite features of Mediasite is its ability to capture and stream — in real-time — whatever is displayed on the presenter’s PC, making last minute changes no longer a problem.

This capability has saved enormous amounts of time and effort by Senior Webmaster Ako Eyler. “Mediasite saves us about ten hours of work and countless headaches per event,” he said. “Not only can people now watch the event live, but with a click of a button, it’s posted to our Intranet and available for on-demand viewing. Also, the administrator and user interfaces are of excellent quality and usability.”

While it’s highly automated, Mediasite also comes with service and support, which is very reassuring for a self-admitted non-tech person like Clark. “We had several support people on site during the initial launch just to make sure everything went OK,” she said. “The presentation went off without a hitch and it was a very successful meeting.”


Allergan first used Mediasite in February 2003 for its quarterly meeting, and employee response to the highly scalable system was positive. Currently, Allergan is mediasiting quarterly meetings reaching 4,500 employees. After using Mediasite just two times, Allergan began to envision other ways it could be used.

“The fact that Mediasite is portable enables us to travel and use the system wherever our team members may reside — whether we’re in a large auditorium or just doing an HR training program — Mediasite provides us with a great deal of versatility,” said Clark.

Allergan also is using Mediasite for its new HR training program with content specifically geared toward HR managers around the globe. Nearly thirty managers tune in every month from over ten countries to receive training on-demand. For the people distributed in various parts of the world, Mediasite gives them a greater sense of belonging, collaboration and communication. An added bonus for Allergan is the cost savings from not having to pay for employees to fly to a location on a monthly basis.

“Mediasite is a true ‘plug and play’ system and we’re really just scratching the surface of possible applications,” said Clark. “We’re trying all kinds of things to really push the capabilities and Mediasite handles everything beautifully.”

Allergan plans to expand its use of Mediasite to its Research and Development Group that previously had been limited to renting hotel conference rooms for its strategy meetings. The Research and Development Group is now using Mediasite on campus which is more convenient and results in greater cost savings.