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Bandag uses Mediasite to leverage their lead in the transportation market

Bandag uses Mediasite to leverage their lead in the transportation market with globally consistent employee training. Bandag Corporation needed a webcasting solution to train employees at a growing number of development facilities, plants and franchise locations worldwide. After considering a number of options, Bandag chose Mediasite for its ease-of-use and on-demand features.

The archiving capabilities of Mediasite soon led Bandag to capture knowledge possessed by senior employees in specific jobs, allowing the corporation to educate future generations of employees. Bandag continues to discover new applications for the Mediasite technology such as training modules for their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The corporation has enjoyed both soft-dollar and quantitative returns on investment as well as an increased ability to leverage its position in the competitive transportation industry.

At a glance

  • Increasingly global workforce requires webcasting platform for training
  • With a few clicks of the mouse, presenters communicate naturally while Mediasite captures
  • Archiving capabilities allow the corporation to preserve knowledge of senior employees for future generations


Bandag Corporation was in the process of opening several new facilities for the development of retread materials and equipment used at its growing number of franchise dealer locations. The retread materials are used to build replacement tires for the transportation industry, lowering fleet operation costs. When Bandag opened a new plant in Mexico, Katy Foulk, knowledge management coordinator, was charged with developing a new training program for their plants located worldwide.

"In opening a new plant in Mexico, we immediately encountered a language barrier which had to be addressed,” said Foulk. “We absolutely have to be able to capture knowledge being used at our current plants and share that expertise with employees at other locations across the United States and in other parts of the world."

While Bandag initially sought a solution to capture training modules for individual plants, the staff is now working to capture training for specific job titles of retiring workers. Bandag is one of many companies that expect a high number of baby boomers to transition out of the workforce in the next 5 to 10 years and is looking for new and innovative solutions to share information with the younger workers who will be assuming their roles.

"Part of the driving force behind our search for a webcasting solution was the concern that the information our senior employees possess would go out the door with their impending retirement,” said Foulk. “For our own long-term success, we realized we needed to capture that knowledge and incorporate it into our current training programs."


Bandag conducted a thorough examination of many solutions before selecting Mediasite, which allows users to capture knowledge as it’s naturally shared. A presentation and its accompanying materials is automatically webcast with a few clicks of the mouse. Employees can watch in real-time or later on-demand through any web browser.

Mediasite has evolved into a two-fold solution as Bandag uses it not only to capture knowledge of employees at specific plant locations but also for knowledge transfer related to its new ERP system. By capturing and webcasting meetings Bandag conducts with consultants, employees can view their results and assessments on-demand at any time.

“We used Mediasite very quickly for capturing knowledge about our ERP systems and information from our contracted consultants,” explained Foulk. “The other solutions we considered simply didn’t offer the whole package.”


Much of Bandag’s return on investment is in soft dollars. Sharing knowledge with both the current workforce and employee generations to come is a huge benefit to the organization. In terms of quantifiable savings, the corporation can go longer without the services of outside contractors as they share results from one session with their entire organization. Senior management watches the recorded presentation at various locations, reducing the contractor’s travel among multiple sites but allowing staff to leverage the information more easily.

Bandag’s use of Mediasite continues to evolve as the oompany discovers new and innovative ways to use the technology. Mediasite is being used in nearly all training programs offered by the oompany and as a supplement to training manuals. New plants such as the one in Mexico have benefited greatly from the easily accessible material.

“We captured all of the content at our plant in California and then made the information available via Mediasite to our employees and staff located at the new plant,” explained Foulk. “Mediasite gives our organization more options and flexibility in our training programs. In the case of the new plant in Mexico, employees saw exactly what was going to be asked of them visually, with the option of reviewing it as many times as needed.”

Mediasite simplified the delivery of Bandag’s training programs. The company’s goal is to have more than 10 modules recorded by the end of the year, each comprised of a 15-minute Mediasite presentation. The company is also beginning to incorporate assessment questions into the presentations in order to gauge retention. With the Mediasite platform, Bandag Corporation found a way to provide consistent training for employees worldwide and capture the valuable knowledge of outgoing senior employees, boosting their position in an increasingly global market.

About Bandag

Bandag is the world leader in truck tire retreading, offering additional services to make fleets more efficient. Bandag serves fleets through almost 1,000 franchisees in nearly 100 different countries. Founded in 1957 as a retread supplier to the commercial trucking industry, Bandag has been a consistent leader in modern retread manufacturing. In today’s competitive transportation industry, premium tire products are not enough to meet the customer’s every need. As a result, Bandag has leveraged its tire management expertise to develop programs, information and services which help fleets operate more efficiently and maximize the longevity of vehicles on the road.