Consumer Link

Consumer Link ensures accuracy for critical research projects using Mediasite.

Consumer Link ensures accuracy for critical research projects using Mediasite. As New Zealand’s leading market research fieldwork company, Consumer Link needed a tool to provide consistent training for its project teams dispersed across the country. The methods the company previously used to brief research teams resulted in inconsistent understanding of survey material. In addition, employees were traveling around the country to ensure research teams in different locations were working in a unified manner. Consumer Link discovered Mediasite and immediately realized its capability to provide consistent, quality training for its widely dispersed employee base.

Mediasite has improved the quality of the company’s research data while greatly reducing travel costs. Consumer Link has implemented standardized training in multiple areas, ensuring customers accurate results. The company hopes to implement live streaming of focus groups to capture individual responses for clients. Consumer Link believes Mediasite will be key in taking their research to an entirely new level.

At a glance

  • Training for globally dispersed research teams needed improvement to ensure project continuity
  • Mediasite improves reliability and validity of research data, giving company a strategic advantage
  • ROI achieved in one year
  • Company plans to expand its use of webcasting


When the teams begin a new research project in the field, they undergo a full briefing about the assigned task. A project manager discusses project goals with the first group of interviewers and the following night, a new team must pick up where the first group of interviewers left off. The staggered communication and geographically dispersed teams resulted in the firm demanding a tool to ensure continuity throughout a project; otherwise the very validity of the research becomes compromised.

Aaron Overington is Consumer Link’s IT manager, with primary responsibility for the agency’s Information Technology and Information Systems. “We have people in various parts of the country working on the same research project,” said Overington. “A project briefing tool is more economical than having to fly people around the country to make sure the research teams are all on the same page.”

Before Mediasite, research analysts found the research teams were rendering very different results based upon how the initial project parameters were explained. As each team arrived, it would receive a slightly different briefing on the project than the next. The inconsistencies created a real concern for the organization, whose first priority always is accuracy.

“We wanted to guarantee that the teams received the same exact information and have a consistent idea of what the end goal is to look like,” explained Overington.


Overington received an email describing the benefits of Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite web communications technology. He was so impressed he immediately arranged for a demonstration and placed an order to purchase just one week later.

“There really wasn’t any other type of technology that did what we wanted, except Mediasite,” Overington said. “When we have a new hire, we now have the ability to consistently train them on how to proceed on the project without having to remember all the elements that must be covered.”

As a research agency, Consumer Link is accustomed to developing methodologies to calculate return on investment, and their purchase of Mediasite was no exception. Overington determined the number of briefings, and the time project managers would need to allot to travel throughout the country, and established Mediasite would pay for itself within just one year.

“Mediasite enables us to have consistent information shared across all interviewers and eliminates redundant handling of information,” he said. “Thanks to Mediasite, we’ve been able to implement standardized training across all areas. Now, we can stream training resources to any location and eliminate the risk of forgetting critical training information. Additionally, Mediasite is extremely cost-effective. We only have to record training information once.”


Mediasite created a strategic advantage for Consumer Link by allowing it to deliver scientific results that are even more reliable. “With so many simultaneous research programs being conducted, Mediasite allows for consistency and increased accuracy,” said Overington. “Qualitative results are the true lifeblood of our organization and we look forward to expanding our use of Mediasite in this area by capturing the responses of individuals to share with clients.”

Currently, Overington is in the process of capturing training presentations on new technology the organization is installing. Participants will view virtual courses on these new tools which will free up Overington to focus on his core competency – accurate results for Consumer Link’s customers.

In the future, Overington’s team may explore live streaming of qualitative focus groups. “In this way, we could ask focus group participants questions on behalf of clients in various parts of the country,” he said. “That would take our research and the corresponding findings to an entirely new level.”