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EDHEC Business School uses Mediasite to maintain standing as a top learning institution.

EDHEC Business School uses Mediasite to maintain standing as a top learning institution. For more than a century EDHEC Business School has laid the academic foundation for young entrepreneurs in the French business community, and, increasingly, internationally. The school enhances learning by providing students tools to not only compete, but prosper.

In order to remain competitive as a top learning institution, EDHEC was challenged with finding a solution that would enable the production of the most technologically advanced elearning curricula possible. After sourcing a number of options, EDHEC selected Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite for its transparency in the classroom and ease-of-use. After creating a state-of-the-art Mediasite classroom, EDHEC Business School realized a return on investment after only a few weeks of content capture. Faculty and students have reported satisfaction with the technological quality of their learning experience, and companies have partnered with the school to record content and increase their reach.

At a glance

  • Sought high-tech innovation to stay competitive as a top learning institution
  • Chose Mediasite for transparency in the classroom and ease-of-use
  • Created a state-of-the-art Mediasite classroom which automates the production of online course content
  • Students and faculty report unparalleled quality in their learning experience


EDHEC has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to improving its pedagogy by introducing new teaching methods. In recent years EDHEC’s faculty, always anticipating the changing face of education, realized learners were expecting something quite different than before: students were charting a course toward a technology-driven educational experience. The school responded by introducing an e-learning platform and creating online content, but the transition was not a smooth one. For nearly eight years, Bernard Curzi, professor and head of the languages, communication and IT teaching department at EDHEC Business School, along with his staff, exhaustively searched lecture capture solutions. “They were usually lacking at least one of the features Mediasite has,” said Mr. Curzi. “At the end of the day, the only solution that met all of my requirements was Mediasite. It has quality, simplicity and transparency in the classroom. I couldn’t give up on any of these features.”

By 2010, EDHEC Business School aspires to be among the top 10 schools in Europe for general management education and research. Embracing technology in the classroom was an important first step in serving the business world, facilitating the graduates’ entry into the job market and ultimately achieving that competitive milestone.


“Mediasite was the missing component of a comprehensive capability to enrich the learning experience,” said Mr. Curzi.

Working with Sonic Foundry partner CPT, EDHEC installed the Mediasite platform, along with the Blackboard™ Building Block, in a state-of-the-art classroom complete with a robotic camera, document camera and motion-sensor carpet that activates the cameras as the presenter moves.

“We wanted the presenter to produce content without having to adjust their teaching style, learn new techniques or get into technical details. With Mediasite, they simply push a button and their content is recorded, synched and uploaded with no pre- or post-production,” said Mr. Curzi.

In addition, Mediasite offers functionality considered essential in EDHEC’s decision to incorporate the webcasting platform; it captures high-quality audio and video which can be managed by the Blackboard Academic Suite™ elearning platform and does not require extra preparation time or personnel to operate. Mr. Curzi says faculty members are regularly producing new rich elearning content using Mediasite.


Mr. Curzi reports the university realized a return on investment with Mediasite almost immediately. “Just a few weeks of traditional content creation covered our initial Mediasite cost. But we were looking for a capability rather than just a costsaver. With Mediasite, we can now create learning curricula that we could only imagine before,” said Mr. Curzi.

Students view Mediasite lectures either through the EDHEC Blackboard elearning platform or by using a virtual classroom. They have been more than satisfied. “Mediasite has had a tremendous impact on the appreciation of elearning, and the enhanced quality of the learning experience is rooted in the technological quality. The image is so clear it’s as if you’re in the room.”

EDHEC has also opened the Mediasite-enabled room to corporations for content creation, allowing them greater reach and time savings.

About EDHEC Business School

EDHEC Business School, created to meet the needs of Lille’s business community, has over the years become a Grande Ecole with national and – in the last ten years – international reach in the field of business management training. The school’s mission is to shape new talent by transmitting the know-how and people skills needed to move business, society and the world forward. EDHEC does this by developing the talent and the values in future alumni that will take them towards excellence and ensure they are the builders of a better world.