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Faegre & Benson enhances its global communications and legal training with Mediasite.

Faegre & Benson enhances its global communications and legal training with Mediasite. Faegre & Benson needed to communicate with employees in the United States, Europe and Asia, as well as with clients in all 50 U.S. states and 60 countries worldwide. It needed a high-quality delivery platform that would not detract from the message. The law firm expended tremendous resources integrating various technologies for web communications, but it was still unhappy with the final product. Sonic Foundry partner AVI Systems introduced the firm to Mediasite, a webcasting technology that delivers high quality content around the world.

Faegre & Benson immediately began recording high priority presentations crucial to the firm’s mission, including topics such as diversity and community outreach. It has also used Mediasite to capture legal lectures and international seminars. Despite the varied locations and busy schedules of employees and clients, Faegre & Benson is now able to convey emerging information efficiently and accurately. In an increasingly globalized business world, the firm continues to discover new Mediasite applications on an international level.

At a glance

  • Law firm wanted technology to convey high-priority information internationally to employees and clients
  • Mediasite enables production of webcasts for legal lectures and seminars for employees, clients and the public
  • Final product is flawless, requires less production time and provides uncomplicated user interface
  • Employees united through cohesive messaging and enhanced communication, regardless of work location or schedule


Faegre & Benson was recording internal communications and marketing meetings using technology that yielded unsatisfactory results. The firm sought a solution that could easily be used by all of its offices to archive the expert content it created. With offices distributed across three states and four countries, it was important for the marketing team to unite employees under one umbrella with cohesive messages, regardless of where they were based. In addition, Faegre & Benson needed to reduce the enormous amount of time it was spending in integrating various technologies for web communications.

“We were looking for something that could streamline our production time and improve the quality of the finished recordings,” said Peter Gorton, presentation services coordinator at Faegre & Benson. The firm wanted a flexible solution that would allow it to deliver content that is “flawless to end-users,” said Gorton. “We must be able to communicate our expertise to others without confusing them about the technology, and Mediasite allows us to do this.”


Enter AVI Systems, a company that specializes in matching clients with the right technology to fit their needs. As soon as AVI Systems introduced Mediasite to Faegre & Benson, the firm was sold, immediately recognizing Mediasite’s capability to deliver the capabilities they sought, especially in the quality of the finished product. Faegre & Benson also realized how simple it was to use Mediasite as AVI completed each recording during the initial demo.

By June 2005, Faegre & Benson was recording, capturing and archiving more than four presentations a month with Mediasite. The law firm records many different types of meetings, including seminars that relate to the firm’s diversity and community outreach initiatives.

“These types of presentations are a high priority within Faegre & Benson because they are crucial to our firm’s mission,” explained Gorton. “Therefore, each employee must have access to the archived recording. Mediasite allows us to upload the content to the web and make it available to every employee to view at their very own desktop when their schedule permits.”

Faegre & Benson’s 120-seat conference room also plays host to legal lectures, such as a recent seminar on children’s rights. Because individuals may be unable to attend seminars in person, the event is captured and the organizers distribute the Mediasite web link for additional attendees who can then watch at their convenience. Outside speakers often come to Faegre & Benson to deliver their expertise on emerging issues, which the firm then makes available to its clients and also the public at large as a public service.

“We’ve had child protection advocates and juvenile court judges, as well as children’s rights attorneys, deliver valuable information to help educate about all types of children’s rights issues,” said Gorton.


Using Mediasite, Faegre & Benson is expanding communication and training beyond its original expectations. For example, now it is conducting a series of global webcasts from the London office, which previously would have been impossible. The public can attend the seminars, which focused on AIM (the London Stock Exchange’s international market for smaller, growing companies) and other investment topics, at Faegre & Benson’s London offices and at the same time viewers around the world can watch over the web through Mediasite.

“Not only did we want a recording and archiving system, but also a product that would allow us to expand its use as we become more proficient at implementing it throughout our organization,” explained Gorton. “Our selection of Mediasite is an integral component in our communications – with our employees, our clients and our future clients.”

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Faegre & Benson offers clients more than 475 lawyers in a full range of practice groups, with experience handling legal matters throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Established in Minneapolis in 1886 as Cobb & Wheelwright, the firm has evolved into one of the 100 largest law firms in the U.S., with offices in Minnesota, Colorado, Iowa, London, Frankfurt and Shanghai. From these locations, the firm has served clients in nearly every U.S. state and more than 60 countries. Faegre & Benson is the largest law firm in Minnesota and one of the largest firms in the Rocky Mountain region.