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Lockheed Martin reaches 135,000 employees around the globe with Mediasite.

Lockheed reaches 135,000 employees around the globe with Mediasite. Lockheed Martin needed an efficient and consistent webcasting platform to reach its dispersed workforce in more than 95 locations in the United States and abroad.  More than 16,000 employees traveled routinely to disseminate important information. This process was costly, inefficient and repetitive. Lockheed Martin looked to Mediasite for a simple yet highly capable webcasting solution.

The success of Mediasite in the Integrated Systems and Solutions department has resulted in other departments exploring Mediasite. One executive vice president used Mediasite to speak to his dispersed employees directly, reducing the “whisper down the lane” effect. Mediasite has saved Lockheed Martin significant time and money by increasing efficiency while reducing travel. The tangible results include a 12-fold return on investment in just one year. Increases in department productivity have also led to improved morale as employees receive efficient and inclusive communication.

At a glance

  • Company previously employed inefficient and repetitive methods for communication with employees in 95 international locations
  • Mediasite fosters face time and direct interaction between management and employees, boosting efficiency and accuracy by sharing information first hand
  • Twelve-fold ROI of savings achieved in the first year after purchase
  • Employee morale improved as a direct result of efficient, more inclusive communication


In early 2004, the IS & S Technology Planning & Support team was tasked by the company’s executive team to identify or build a technology solution that would address its need for timely and consistent communications to its geographically dispersed workforce spread across more than 95 locations in the US and abroad.

Executive management recognized that it was essential to have face time with leaders and employees in all locations, but the traditional cost of traveling to remote locations required herding upwards of 16,000 IS&S people into meetings to obtain important information. The lack of efficiency in repeating the same meeting content at multiple sites was disheartening. The search for a technology solution began.

“We sought a highly scalable solution that would allow us to more easily and cost-effectively deliver critical and time-sensitive information to our geographically dispersed workforce,” said Thomas Aquilone, multimedia production analyst senior staff.


After exhaustive research and testing of commercial products and home-grown solutions, Lockheed Martin selected Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite web communication system. Starting with a single capture appliance and one server pair, they deployed the first live Multicasts across the Lockheed Martin corporate network.

“We developed a 24 /7 looping test Multicast and worked hand-in-hand with our network engineers enabling them to set each and every switch and router to allow Multicast streaming – an investment in time and effort that has paid off handsomely,” said Richard Banse, Lockheed Martin IS&S Media Services Technology Planning and Support.

“The big selling point for purchasing and deploying Mediasite was that the Executive VP wanted to be able to address all his employees at the same time,” said Banse. “We recently purchased companies in the UK and around the world. His interest was in something that would allow him to speak to everyone without requiring each person to be crowded into a conference room.”

The success of the IS&S deployment has inspired other Lockheed Martin Business Areas, as well as Lockheed Martin Corporate, to look into adopting the same or similar solutions for rich media communications.


The biggest benefit of using Mediasite is the ROI. “Conservatively, we can say that the money we spent to purchase and deploy Mediasite was repaid to us in a 12-fold ROI of savings in the first year alone,” said Banse.

Lockheed Martin realized these savings by reducing funds spent on travel and lodging, and increased efficiency of allowing employees to watch and actively participate right from their desks, minimizing the interruptions to their productivity.

Furthermore, presenters using Mediasite have found that live audience participation increased five-fold. At previous meetings, where employees were marched en masse into conference rooms, there always were a few good questions from the audience. Now, they receive more questions asked with greater detail than ever before, giving a much more accurate picture of what employees are thinking. In 2005 alone, more than 61,000 participants viewed 155 live and rebroadcast presentations. “We’ve estimated conservatively that we’re saving about $2 million a year on these meetings,” said Banse.

Lockheed Martin employees find they no longer have to deal with the “whisper-down-thelane” effect of having an executive speak to a leadership team, who briefs their managers, who then briefs their staff. Inadvertent spin and misunderstanding tended to dilute the real message. With Mediasite, the executive staff speaks directly to employees, who can then ask for direct clarification. The result is a more informed workforce which is better aligned to the goals of the business.

“We have found measurable improvement in employee morale, especially at remote locations, where they now feel included in the team,” said Banse. “These benefits result in a much more connected, determined and united workforce across the entire enterprise, which is a key driver behind the many successes enjoyed by our division.”

About Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is an aerospace manufacturer and advanced technology company formed in 1995 by the merger of Lockheed Corporation with Martin Marietta. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest defense contractor (by defense revenue), employing 135,000 people worldwide. As of 2005, 95 percent of Lockheed Martin’s revenues came from the U.S. Department of Defense, other U.S. federal government agencies and foreign military customers. Lockheed Martin’s Integrated Systems and Solutions (IS & S) is one of five Business Areas, which also include: Aeronautics, Electronic Systems, Information and Technology Services and Space Systems.