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Mediasite technology moves to the head of the class at the Fully Employed MBA Program (FEMBA) at UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Mediasite technology moves to the head of the class at the Fully Employed MBA Program (FEMBA) at UCLA Anderson School of Management. The UCLA Anderson School of Management, a top-tier graduate business school, offers an MBA program for students working full-time called the Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA). The program needed a webcasting solution that could enhance student learning both on and off campus. Despite their high interest, many students couldn’t travel for tutorials and special lectures and wanted an on-demand option for viewing lectures. Mediasite emerged as the ultimate solution.

UCLA began using Mediasite to capture tutorial sessions, management courses and special speaking events. Mediasite’s capability for webcasting anytime, anywhere fully met the needs of FEMBA’s Global Access Program (GAP), in which students devise business strategies for early-stage international technology companies. The UCLA Anderson School of Management envisions Mediasite playing a major role in their future growth and is considering purchase of an additional Mediasite unit.

At a glance

  • Premier business school wanted technology-focused update to student learning
  • Mediasite supports in-class and web-based learning
  • Online representation of the classroom experience is provided, including automation of the capture, management and delivery of multimedia presentations over the web
  • Positive results prompt plan for school-wide implementation


Manuel Burgos, senior manager of FEMBA, was challenged to find a technical solution to enhanced student learning and to provide a higher level of student affairs. Many students found it difficult to travel to UCLA for tutorial sessions, and other students wanted to be able to review classroom lectures online. It was almost impossible for FEMBA students to attend special daytime speaking lectures and other events of interest to them. Use of the Mediasite web communications system was the solution.

“When first introduced to the Mediasite system, I could hardly believe what it was capable of producing. I was only aware of products that did just a portion of what Mediasite was capable of doing in such a short amount of time,” shared Burgos. “For instance, a video camera could capture a lecturer, a web site link could provide students with class notes; but I did not know it was possible to combine the two into one self-contained unit for use in a large university setting like the UCLA Anderson School of Management.”

Another need was for technology to meet the diverse demands of the FEMBA Program’s Global Access Program (GAP). This course offering is a unique educational program that matches students in the FEMBA Program with early stage international technology companies. The goal is to develop a comprehensive business strategy to enable the companies to move to the next stage of their corporate development.


Initially, UCLA purchased Mediasite to record tutorial sessions, core management courses, GAP presentations and special speaking events.

“Business runs on information, access, analysis and communication,” said Burgos. “In the Fully Employed MBA Program at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, we can now pride ourselves on possessing the technology that reaches beyond the books, brick and mortar. Our physical and electronic environment is designed to facilitate information competency, communication and group work. We are now able to keep our promise to both students and faculty by providing them with the tools they need to deliver data and power to anyone around the world. Mediasite allows us to deliver management information to students outside the classroom and to create a communication infrastructure upon which great ideas and careers are built.”


Recognizing that learning technologies must play a major role in future growth and services strategies, the UCLA Anderson School of Management is considering the use of additional Mediasite Recorders in an additional case classroom and lecture hall.

“It would be ideal for a professor to simply walk into the classroom in which they are teaching and easily activate a recording system to begin recording content for later dissemination or review,” explained Burgos.

“The Fully Employed MBA Program at the UCLA Anderson School of Management has enhanced student learning with the use of Mediasite 100 percent,” said Burgos. “Now that we have the product, we are branching off into other uses for the entire school.”

About UCLA Anderson School of Management

UCLA Anderson School of Management is a global leader in management education, research and service. The Anderson School is ranked among the top-tier graduate business schools in the world. The Fully Employed MBA is one of three degree programs in the Anderson School and, most recently, was ranked fourth by U.S. News and World Report. Awardwinning faculty, renowned for their research and teaching, highly selective admissions and successful alumni combine to provide an extraordinary learning environment. The FEMBA Program is designed for full-time working managers, meets evenings and Saturdays and requires 84 units for completion during a three year period.