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Mediasite enables creative use of technology at University of Tennessee.

Mediasite enables creative use of technology at University of Tennessee. The Engineering Services Department at the University of Tennessee serves as a key technology resource for the school. The department wanted a hardware-based streaming media solution for the classroom that did not require post-production. The university chose Mediasite to maximize the use of technology in their service offerings.

After a successful pilot for course capture, the department fully incorporated Mediasite into the university’s web communications system. Mediasite has enabled more creative use of technology and blending of services. The webcasting platform is used for streaming courses, engineering the Jumbotron at athletic events, administrative meetings and more. The department has gained trust from students and faculty, boosting its reputation on campus, and attributes its success to Mediasite.

At a glance

  • Engineering Services Department sought a hardware-based streaming solution that could capture in multiple locations and required no post-production
  • Mediasite chosen for its reliability and ease-of-use
  • Enables department to add webcasting to all of its service offerings


Since it was founded in 1794, UT has expanded knowledge-sharing. By using information technology to enhance academics, research and public service, technology also serves as an important resource in achieving ongoing improvements in operating performance across multiple campuses.

The Engineering Services Department embraces that tradition. Successful streaming, videoconferencing, classroom technical support, residence hall closed-circuit surveillance system support and game-day engineering support all depend on the expertise of the department.

“The success of our department can be attributed to our creative use of technology and the blending of the services we offer. We needed a reliable solution to deliver video content over the network. It’s that simple,” said Bob Hillhouse, director of engineering Services at UT Knoxville.

Seeking to maximize the use of technology in their service offerings, the department began looking for a hardware-based streaming media solution that would be transparent in the classroom, have the ability to capture meetings over multiple locations, and wouldn’t require post-production work. Mediasite clearly stood alone.


Originally launched as a pilot program for course capture, Mediasite was soon fully incorporated into the web communications system at UT.

“As the audio-visual shop, we deliver words and pictures for our faculty and students. Our team needed a self-contained streaming solution to capture a variety of events. With Mediasite, we are able to simply plug it in and it webcasts right out of the box. Now we capture everything from a webcam to production-quality videos for our customers,” said Hillhouse.

Mediasite allows Hillhouse’s team to push the boundaries of the classroom, sharing knowledge and events around the clock and around the world.

“Our rich media communication program has been successful because the staff uses technology creatively and blends service offerings. Using Mediasite as the first essential, flexible solution on the platform, the team has demonstrated the ability to combine streaming, podcasting, and videoconferencing to provide a powerful service to clients. Mediasite not only facilitates live presentations, but also preserves the content for on-demand viewing," said Hillhouse.


Mediasite gives the department flexibility to easily manage and deliver on all IT requests. Implementation of classroom knowledge capture technology is one of the most sought after IT services on campus. To date, the Engineering Services Department has handled well over 1100 webcasts, 90 percent of them involving colloquia and course casting, the other 10 percent capturing administrative communications and meetings.

“The use of Mediasite to stream content has enhanced the reputation of the Engineering Services Department. When students and faculty need something done involving audio/visual communications, they trust that we’ll deliver,” said Hillhouse.

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