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York Telecom partners with organizations for powerful communications through Mediasite.

York Telecom partners with organizations for powerful communications through Mediasite. A leading visual communications provider, York Telecom supplies an end-to-end suite of audio and video services such as professional consulting, integration and support to clients around the world. Ross University in the West Indies turned to York Telecom for an upgrade to its audio-visual technology, hoping to replicate the traditional classroom experience online. York began searching for a cost-effective solution and discovered Mediasite by Sonic Foundry.   

York Telecom chose Mediasite for Ross University and purchased five recorders for its own use.  Ross University values Mediasite’s capacity for navigation within a lecture, student-faculty interaction and immediate on-demand playback.  York Telecom has enjoyed a significant return on investment with Mediasite. Each month customers create hundreds of Mediasite presentations, and York Telecom gets approximately 10,000 server hits. York Telecom continues to optimize client business on a global level with Mediasite.

At a glance

  • Company tasked with replicating classroom experience online for Ross University
  • Five Mediasite recorders purchased for company use, as well as a system for the university
  • Customers records hundreds of new presentations and server hits number 10,000 each month
  • Mediasite optimizing client business worldwide


Jen Clayton serves as a global account executive for York Telecom and is responsible for working with clients around the world to deliver communication solutions based on their various needs.

The company’s value is rooted in the engineering and operational capabilities it offers its clients, including media services. ”We are a systems integrator and a services provider. We develop audio, video and web based communications services and solutions to global customers such as Ross University in the West Indies,” Clayton said.

Ross University partnered with York Telecom in 2002 to improve audio visual technologies for both the Ross Veterinary and Medical School classrooms. The goal of the partnership was to: improve student knowledge and retention by way of advanced presentation technologies in the classroom and knowledge transfer reinforcement outside of it.

Ross University sought a solution that would offer high-quality content that replicates the traditional classroom experience; web-like navigation to move to different parts of the lecture; the ability to provide feedback and interaction with the instructor; and, convenient playback on-demand.

The company’s decision makers evaluated several products based on cost-effectiveness and portability to overcome obstacles York had encountered with the current service it had been using. “We found several solutions that were not easily customizable. Plus, we wanted our customers to be able to modify the graphical skins that surround the viewing and graphics windows – so they could customize it to their own organizations,” said Bin Guan, vice president of engineering.

Guan’s team viewed vendor demonstrations and met with engineers. Four vendors were under consideration during a three-month search process. During that period, Sonic Foundry lent York Telecom a Mediasite Recorder to evaluate.


Ross University is now mediasiting their courses, and York Telecom now owns the Mediasite system as well. They built three rack-mounted RL Series Recorders into their infrastructure to support clients and purchased two portable ML Series Recorders to capture customer events on-site.

Guan and other York Telecom decision-makers were impressed with Mediasite’s content versatility. For example, Mediasite is compatible with any Video Graphics Array (VGA) source – ranging from PCs, Macs, visualizers’ electronic whiteboards to medical and scientific equipment.

“We liked that Mediasite had video and audio components and offered more flexibility and the ability to manage content once it has been captured,” Guan said.


“ROI was a very important part of our review and assessment process. We calculated how many events we could capture per month and there was a significant return on investment,” said Mark Maxey, vice president of media services.

The implementation process went very smoothly because by the time the first Mediasite unit was purchased, York Telecom employees already knew how to operate the hardware.

“It definitely meets our customer needs and provides a valuable service to their end-users Clayton said. “For Ross University, it is very successful. It offers enhanced learning capabilities.”

York Telecom captures content at approximately 10-15 remote events per month and they host their own server for customers. Customers capture and create content for hundreds of Mediasite presentations per month. York Telecom gets approximately 100,000 hits per month on their servers and uploads approximately 50 new pieces of content per month on their system.

“Our customers are completely satisfied with the results they are getting out of our solutions based on Mediasite. The ability for people to view content online and to synchronize a presenter with a PowerPoint presentation is very powerful,” said Ken Scaturro, senior vice president of sales and business development.

About York Telecom

York Telecom provides an end-to-end suite of audio and video services, such as professional consulting, integration and support for communication solutions, such as videoconferencing, streaming video and multimedia networks. Industry analysts recognize York Telecom as a leading visual communications provider. With nearly two decades assisting top government agencies and Fortune 100 corporations, York Telecom knows how to utilize technology solutions that optimize business. Founded in 1985, the company includes a Global Alliance Partner program with continued international growth in 25 countries.