CBS News Channel 5 KGWN-TV Cheyenne, Wyoming, did a neat story this week on Mediasite at the University of Wyoming, where lecture capture is known as Wyocast. They highlighted a student survey, the results of which I think our readers and Mediasite users will most enjoy:

  • 77% of students used Wyocast to watch lectures to review for quizzes or exams
  • 74% watched lectures they missed due to absence
  • 79% thought it should be available for other courses
  • 73%said it added value to the course
  • 59% felt it helped improve their overall learning of course content
  • 42% felt it improved their overall grade in the course

"There's a high percentage that believes it added value to the class and also it has added to the class content."

Maggie Morrison
Director of IT Student Services
University of Wyoming

We did a story on Wyoming back in 2008 too, "Wyoming Students Take Charge of Their Tuition, Acquiring Mediasite for Fall Classes." And for you academic Mediasite geeks, here's a link to one of the University of Wyoming's publicly-available Mediasite catalogs.

Happy back to school!