Lawrence Schaaf, CIO and Dean of Academic Technology Services at North Hennepin Community College, was charged with trying to solve three major issues on campus: student satisfaction, student performance, student retention and completion.

His proposed solution had to involve easy-to-use, faculty-friendly technology, and be flexible enough to help students deal with balancing school, work and family. After a full analysis of lecture capture systems on the market, North Hennepin Community College selected the Mediasite webcasting platform.

In the initial pilot, almost two dozen course sections in seven disciplines were recorded, offering 700 students on-demand class recordings they could review on their own time, as well as live streaming options so they could watch synchronously for when they couldn't physically attend class.

At the end of the semester, he surveyed the students and the results surprised him.

Want to know what they are?

Join us Tuesday, May 24 at 11:00 a.m. Central for this free webinar, "Classroom Capture and the Community College CIO: Effects on Student Satisfaction, Performance and Retention," to hear Dean Schaaf present his findings and answer your questions live:

  • Can semester to semester retention and course load be positively impacted by lecture capture technology?
  • How did the use of the lecture capture system impact students' overall satisfaction with the course? Did it impact overall grades?
  • How much did the availability of classroom recordings or live streaming courses influence student attendance in class?
  • Based on student experiences with lecture capture, do they prefer other courses that offer the same service? Should colleges let students know which sections of a course will offer lecture capture? And how may that influence enrollment?

About the presenter

Lawrence Schaaf, MA, BS, AA, is the CIO and Dean of Academic and Technology Services at North Hennepin Community College. Larry has followed a path similar to so many of his current and former students. Having started his education at the local Junior College in the Minneapolis area, Larry combined education then work, more education for career advancement, an advanced degree and so on. In 1991, he completed his Master's degree and made a career change entering the world of post-secondary education and teaching at North Hennepin Community College. Larry progressed from instructor to Department Dean and for the last three years has served as the College CIO and Dean of Academic and Technology Services.

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