TU Delft

TU Delft
What we want is to capture educational content in an efficient way on a large scale, and Mediasite can do that.
Leon Huijbers
TU Delft


While the Delft University of Technology is revered as the oldest, largest and most comprehensive technical university in the Netherlands, the push for an efficient digital learning environment loomed. A new degree structure, created in 2004, which combined Bachelors and Masters degrees, created practical challenges.

“Students couldn’t get into required classes,” said Leon Huijbers, staff manager of the Campus Congress Centre and Multimedia department.  “There wasn’t enough room, enough tutors, enough support or enough money. There were simply not enough hours in a day.”


After a campus-wide survey uncovered universal departmental needs, Huijbers’ team searched for a standardized, low-cost platform that could capture thousands of hours of lectures and make the content available for teachers and students anytime or anywhere.

“(Mediasite) had a solid track record in the educational sector and an excellent customer base to build on, but the automation of the work processes using Mediasite was the key. We scaled up to capturing large volumes of information without burdening the workforce,” said Huijbers.


The university created “Collegerama”, an initiative built around webcasting and content management and expanded since then from one to 13 Mediasite recorders that integrate with technology including DVD players, robotic cameras, computers with internet access, digital whiteboards, document cameras, tablet PCs and digital paper.

The university captures an average of 300 hours of content each month, and its presentations are viewed more than 10,000 times per week during exam periods. Between 100-150 presentations are streamed simultaneously, with up to 400 different viewers accessing presentations at once. As the university’s Mediasite program grows, Huijbers says he is not going to expand his staff, preferring instead to “invest money in smart devices.”

Mediasite also helps student achieve.

“Our research shows that students watching Mediasite presentations through the Collegerama portal are achieving higher grades and better retention of course content,” said Huijbers.