University of Wisconsin-Extension

University of Wisconsin-Extension
Mediasite allows us to capture a wide variety of content and deliver it seamlessly to our clients. It’s customizable, easy to use and fun. It's very user friendly, very streamlined.
Lydia Roussos
University of Wisconsin-Extension

The Want

The University of Wisconsin-Extension aims to remove barriers to technology use within Wisconsin schools, government agencies and non-profits.

The Solution

Through partnerships with the UW-Extension, Wisconsin schools, government agencies and non-profits have access to no-wait, cost-effective video streaming and content management from Mediasite by Sonic Foundry.

Via the Extension’s Instructional Communications Systems (ICS), the WisLine Web program makes it easy and affordable for schools and organizations to record, publish, distribute and manage video presentations – meetings, trainings, lectures, campus events, webinars and more — for the world to watch live or on-demand via Mediasite, without the internal IT infrastructure burden.

ICS employees bring mobile Mediasite Recorders to clients in order to remotely capture content for them. For example the Girl Scouts of America used Mediasite to webcast a cookie sales meeting. ICS then helps distribute and manage that convent in its centrally-managed Mediasite webcasting and management platform. ICS also hosts Mediasite content for its clients who capture video using their own Mediasite Recorders.

In addition, ICS has two studios equipped with Mediasite – one is staffed with employees who help record videos, while the other is a “self-capture” studio that simply requires the push of a button to start recording. ICS, a non-profit, uses revenue from the webcast program to fund the services it provides to Wisconsin students, business owners, farmers, community leaders, youth and families.

The Result

In the last seven months, ICS clients have created more than 5,000 presentations with Mediasite that have received over 41,300 views. That’s just a small percentage of the number of presentations created since ICS began using Mediasite more than a decade ago.

“Mediasite allows us to capture a wide variety of content and deliver it seamlessly to our clients. It’s customizable, easy to use and fun,” said Lydia Roussos, instructional technologist, ICS. “We provide our clients with a link to view the Mediasite content that they can disperse. That’s all they have to do. It’s very user friendly, very streamlined.”