Mediasite lets students step inside the operating room to watch live webcasts of real surgical procedures as they are happening, and allows them to appreciate unexpected events that may occur.
Andrew Renaut, MD, professor, surgeon and founder of Videosurgery


Changes in healthcare in recent years mean surgical students have less of an opportunity to step inside the operating room. Students needed a way to watch surgeries with full access. It helps  them learn about unforeseen complications that may occur, and learn from professionals how to react to trauma in real time.

“The real value of watching live surgery is that surgical trainees can experience, real time, the unexpected events and in particular how to deal with those events,”Renaut said.


With a desire to share the latest breakthroughs in surgery, Dr. Andrew Renaut founded Videosurgery. Located at Brisbane Private Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Videosurgery’s broadcast system remotely captures video from dedicated cameras in the operating room and webcasts to a secure audience using Mediasite. Renaut, aprofessor of surgery and surgeon, also runs a private practice.

“Mediasite allows surgical trainees, medical students and allied health professionals access to the operating room which they might not otherwise get due to constraints on time and space.”

Specialists in remote areas and developing countries can also access the Mediasite recordings so they can keep up with the newest surgical techniques. Plus, medical educators tap into the Videosurgery webcasts through Renaut’s secure educational website.


Videosurgery was named a finalist in the 2012 AV Technology End-User Awards for “Most Innovative Install of AV in Healthcare.”

“Mediasite allows a large number of viewers to watch the surgery simultaneously and also to post a comment online, which are relayed to the operating surgeon by two-way audio via a moderator,” Dr. Renaut said. “It is an honor to be recognized for our efforts and I look forward to our continued working relationship with Sonic Foundry.”