(Reported by Tammy Jackson and Nicole Wise)

We’ve had a jam-packed morning and afternoon full of sessions led by staff from Sonic Foundry and our talented customers who are sharing best practices. All morning and afternoon attendees at Unleash have been learning from peers about how to take their Mediasite implementations to the next level.

Tammy Jackson and I have been listening in to give you a sneak peek of what they talked about. If you're registered for Unleash be sure to watch for an email after the conference with a link to these and other on-demand sessions. You can also watch today's sessions on-demand a little later this evening from the Unleash 2013 Attendee Group in the MUG

Meet the Sonic Foundry Execs

This morning three of our top executives had an informal sit-down with customers.The session was about getting input from customers and share what’s coming up in future Mediasite developments.

The panel was made up of Rob Lipps, executive VP, Dharmesh Sampat, VP of engineering, and Sean Brown, VP of education. 

Principles of Effective Instructional Design

Matt McCurdy our associate VP of education shared his approach to instructional design and reminded people of the importance of integrating as many learning  styles as possible – flipped instruction, blended learning, hybrid classes, etc. – because students expect it. 

Before you even begin planning for a course design, follow his tips:

“Understand who your students are, where their coming from and what you want them to do. What are their expectations? What access do they have? We are on the midst of a cultural shift. Students now expect some sort of online presence. They want their course capture. They want to have notes they can take digitally,” Matt said. “It’s a different generation. These kids have grown up with it.”

Introduction to Desktop Recording and Video Import with the New My Mediasite

My Mediasite, the newest member of the Mediasite family, makes it easy for faculty, trainers, staff and students to create, upload, edit and manage their own video.

Bill Cherne, Sonic Foundry sales engineer, walked a standing-room only crowd trough the simple steps to create content this way.

How Small Community Colleges Can Create Flex Courses Using Mediasite

Due to budget cuts Western Nevada College needed to find a way to cost—effectively reach students in rural areas and found a solution with Mediasite. 

Clarence Maise told people that his school installed Mediasite rooms on all three of its campuses, and they’re now able to broadcast from each campus to its scattered student population. The college also works with area high schools and uses Mediasite to live stream classes to high school students.

They Like Me, They Really Like Me!

We ended day one with the ninth annual Rich Media Impact Awards -- the program that honors customers for their innovative and creative use of video. Just when we thought we've heard all of the best Mediasite stories out there, we're giving you 12 more. All of the winners are in the program for the first time, and this year we've added two Video in Education scholarships. 

Cheers to the winners!  We'll see you tomorrow.