A small souvenir store in British Columbia was struggling to find business - it needed to find a way to create signature items to attract people to its store. That’s where Jon Schallert, president of The Schallert Group, Inc., and his Destination University helped out.

By watching webinars (via Mediasite of course) in Destination University, the first online business training library for independent business owners, community organizations and business associations, the store owner learned how to draw attention to himself.

The owner turned an ordinary leaf-shaped maple sugar container into a product that involved a national modeling agency by branding his maple syrup “Pancake Billy’s Chuggable Maple Syrup." He went on a quest to find the Pancake Billy mascot that resulted in national publicity by following the advice of Destination University.

The webinars he watched were just a few of the hundreds Schallert recorded with Mediasite in his studio, making it possible for him to reach people all over the world and reducing travel at the same time. Schallert interviews business experts from around the world and captures his discussions with Mediasite. The broadcasts are available for Destination University members to access anytime, anywhere.

Schallert is the only business speaker in the world specializing in teaching businesses and communities how to turn themselves into Consumer Destinations – a concept he developed over nearly 30 years ago by interviewing over 10,000 independent business owners.

“We’re reaching a lot more people than we ever imagined all over the world with Mediasite,” Schallert said. “We want to be the center for small business learning in the country.”

Schallert presented his Mediasite story at Unleash 2015, Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite User Conference, today.

Image: Schallert presents at Unleash 2015 today about the business owner who went on a national quest to find a Pancake Billy mascot.