What do all engineering courses have in common?  Complex equations and highly technical content.

For complicated courses on your campus especially, lecture capture can be a lifesaver. Your students can go back and review as much as they need to in order to understand the content. And their e-learning experience is even more valuable when that recording is in high-definition so that every single annotation made by their professor during class is crystal clear.

That’s exactly what the University of Maryland A. James Clark School of Engineering students have now thanks to Mediasite. The school is opening up a brand new e-learning hub on campus this fall, Siegel Learning Center. The center is fully equipped with Mediasite that will be used to stream lectures to about 1,000 online students each semester and another 1,000 on-campus students. It’s adding ML HD Recorders to every classroom that will run on Mediasite 6 so that they can watch high-def lectures anytime anywhere from their mobile devices.

And the college is seeing results. It’s been using Mediasite for lecture capture for five years, and every year since its seen double digit enrollment increases for remote students.

“I completely credit that to having the course materials available online via Mediasite webcasts,” said Marty Ronning, assistant director for the Distance Education Technology and Services program.

You can read more about why the school decided to equip its new e-learning hub with Mediasite in our press release, University of Maryland A. James Clark School of Engineering Drives Double Digit Enrollment Increases for Remote Students Through Online Learning Via Mediasite.