In case you didn’t hear, it’s Earth Week. And what would Earth Week be without some green-related posts? It’d be incomplete, that’s what. So we’re introducing you to a few of our rock star employees who, in my opinion, go above and beyond to help the environment. They bike to work year-round. (And I thought driving in the snow was hard …) Throughout the week we’ll share some stories with you, so keep checking back. 

This is Dave and his wife last year as bike leads at the Madison Mini-Marathon. He’s been with Sonic Foundry for just under two years and after dealing with traffic and downtown parking woes, he decided to sell his car and hop on his bike for his six mile commute to our office in downtown Madison, Wis. 

If you live in the Madison area you’ll also see him at area triathlons and running races like Crazy Legs in a few weeks. And that person biking in inclement weather wearing what looks to be under water gear? That’s most likely him, too. 

“The worst is biking in heavy, wet snow. One time, I had to coast with one foot down to catch myself from falling because I was sliding so much. It’s actually really refreshing to ride in the rain and a great excuse to wear my full rain suit consisting of shoe covers, waterproof pants and a waterproof jacket. Basically a scuba suit!” he says. “There are probably a lot of people who work within six or so miles of their home. If it’s reasonable to do it there are more benefits to biking to work than driving. It’s healthy. It saves money. It’s cleaner and is best for the environment.”  

Plus, he says when the weather is right it’s a pretty relaxing commute. 

“I recall plenty of mornings when the view by Monona Bay was just gorgeous. Warm temperature and mist rolling off of the water. It really makes for a great start to the work day. I can’t wait for those again!” 

Sorry Dave, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. It may be April but the snow forecasts keep on coming in Wisconsin. Lucky us. 

Check back tomorrow to hear Technical Architect Markus Schumann's story.