Every day this week in honor of Earth Week we’ve been sharing stories from our rock star employees who go above and beyond to help the environment. 

Earlier you met Dave Boivin who, if you live in the Madison, Wis. area, you might see biking around town in inclement weather in what he describes as scuba gear. We learned that Markus Schumann saves $100 a month on gas by biking. Rob Chandanais actually sold his car so that he could live a healthier lifestyle, and Jeff Roller says he’ll always bike/run/walk bus to work over driving. 

Last but not least, let’s meet our Quality Assurance Lead Andy Genné. 

Since the weather’s been nicer in Madison Andy’s getting back into his old habit of biking to our office, an 8-mile round-trip. When his youngest child was born last March he took a brief hiatus and switched to taking the bus each day. Now that things have calmed down a bit he’s enjoying his commute and is looking forward to his morning endorphin high. His goal is to alternate between biking and busing a few times a week and work his way up to biking everyday like before. 

“It’s a real pleasure not to have to deal with having a car. You can’t beat it for fitness. Exercise is hard to do when you have little ones at home. The only time I have is during the workday,” Andy says. I’ve got to get to the office one way or another so why not incorporate exercise into that?” 

Andy says if you’re thinking of ditching your car for a more healthy and environmental approach, consider trying the bus first if it’s available to you. 

“To get your feet wet, try the bus to show yourself that you can get to work without driving a car,” he says. 

How’s that for motivation? Hopefully our stories from Dave, Markus, Rob, Jeff and Andy have inspired you to ditch the car for maybe one day a week. Who knows, maybe that will turn into 365 days a year for you, too!