In honor of Earth Week we’ve been profiling Sonic Foundry employees who bike to work year-round. Earlier this week we introduced you to QA Engineer Dave Boivin who bikes around in the rain and snow in what he basically calls scuba gear. You also met Technical Architect Markus Schumann who saves $100 a month on gas by biking. Next, meet Software Development Lead Rob Chandanais. 

Rob is committed to biking the six miles to work each day. He has to. He sold his car, leaving just one car for the family that his wife uses.  

But let’s step back for a minute. Rob’s been with Sonic Foundry for eight years, and about six years ago he thought it’d be good exercise and good for the environment to bike to work a few times a week. He was right. He felt great, was saving money on gas and it turned into an everyday occurance. That turned into a competition with himself to see how many months he could do it. Before he knew what hit him he had biked all winter long. Turns out it’s not as difficult as he thought. 

Rob’s never looked back. He’s got a bus pass as backup, but he uses that maybe once a year. He even tries to run errands on his bike, carefully planning out when and where he goes and what he needs. 

“There really isn’t any weather you can’t ride in,” he says. “It’s a good use of time. I should exercise anyway. It takes me a little longer to get to work than if I drive, but definitely having one vehicle saves a lot of money.”

Check back here tomorrow to meet Software Quality Engineer Jeff Roller.