Yesterday we reminded you that it’s Earth Week and introduced you to Dave Boivin who bikes around in inclement weather in what he basically calls scuba gear. Throughout the week we’ll profile a few Sonic Foundry employees who go above and beyond to help out the environment by biking to work year round. Yes, that means in the rain or snow, too.  

Prior to coming to Sonic Foundry eight months ago, Markus Schumann worked in Middleton, Wis. and had about a 15 mile drive in rush hour traffic each morning and evening. That meant spending $100 on gas each month. 

“Twice a day I’d sit on the beltline (Madison highway) and see this avalanche of cars and I’m like ‘What am I doing here?’ ” he says. 

One of the things he was most excited about when he came to Sonic Foundry was the fact that he could avoid a car. He’s got just a few miles to bike each day now, and he feels much more relaxed, refreshed and full of energy in the mornings. 

“It’s an additional half hour of exercise. Environmentally it makes a lot of sense, and it saves a lot of wear and tear on my car,” he says. 

Markus has two commuter bikes, including one for the winter which has steel studs on the tires so he can safely ride on ice. He also stays warm with a ski helmet and goggles. 

Check out this video Markus made a few years ago of him ice biking, and be sure to come back here tomorrow to meet Software Development Lead Rob Chandanais.