If you're looking for data on the impact of lecture capture on student outcomes, you should definitely register for this webinar. Dr. James F. Craig at the University of Maryland, Baltimore has been collecting student feedback on lecture capture for several years. On Tuesday, June 28 at 11:00 a.m. (convert to your time zone), he's going to present his latest findings in a free, live webinar, "Evaluating Lecture Capture's Impact on Student Outcomes." As always, it's free - just register before we go live.

In 2004, the Dental School, University of Maryland, Baltimore envisioned a school offering state-of-the-art technology with lecture capture at its core. Students would have access to course content 24/7, and a newly-launched distance-ed program in dental hygiene would thrive with online lectures. After an extensive evaluation they selected Mediasite for their endeavor and off they went webcasting every lecture and lab session from that point forward.

Now with five-thousand captures, half a million views and several years of student surveys compiled, Dr. James Craig, professor and educational consultant from the Dental School, is ready to share some real results that prove lecture has transformed the student experience.

Join us to hear Dr. Craig present his findings and answer your questions live, including:

  • What was the most important "buy in" to get faculty on board with recording lectures?
  • What impact does lecture capture have on student satisfaction?
  • How does lecture capture impact student outcomes, attendance and program completion?
  • How did lecture capture become a vital tool for successful board-exam preparation?
  • How do you know when it's time to delete a lecture?
  • How has Mediasite helped the Dental School's public relations efforts?

About the presenter:

Dr. James F. Craig is a Professor in the Department of Health Promotion and Policy and an educational consultant in the Office of Information Technology at the Dental School. He has been in the field of instructional technology for 43 years, 39 of which have been in dental education. He achieved his bachelor's degree from Western Illinois University and his master's and doctorate from Indiana University. His primary area of concentration was Instructional Design and Development. He works to integrate technology into the curriculum through assisting faculty in the use of technology-based instruction including Blackboard, Mediasite and Questionmark.

We hope you'll join us - here's that link again to register.