Event Webcasting Benefits

Explore the benefits of event webcasting for planners, producers, on-site and online attendees

Realize the benefits of webcasting your next conference or meeting with Mediasite Events. Use hybrid events to reach people who cannot be present, boost exposure for your organization, sponsor and speakers, and generate a proven return on investment through new revenue streams.

Meeting and event planners

  • Take the event to the people who cannot be present
  • Create an online experience that mirrors the live event, complete with interaction between presenter and viewers
  • Reach new audiences online, giving them a taste of what the on-site event is like
  • Use conference webcasts from the past year in marketing for upcoming events, enticing first-time attendees to participate
  • Increase revenue by selling live or on-demand access online to attendees, or selling webcast sponsorship to exhibitors and sponsors
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts and boost retention as on-site attendees watch sessions on-demand
  • Eliminate the burden on presenters with no software, no presentation uploads before the conference and no change to their normal presentation style
  • Boost exhibitor and sponsor value by capturing branded vendor demonstrations
  • Use reporting to determine who watched what, when and for how long, and identify the most popular speakers and topics for next year's program
  • Link conference materials, like the presenter's PowerPoint, directly within the presentation to streamline downloads
  • Leverage conference content to populate online training portals
  • Support green meeting initiatives by making all conference sessions available online, minimizing the need for printed handouts, CD/DVD and USB production

On-site attendees

  • Provide more value for their on-site registration with access to your conference presentation archive
  • Cultivate deeper engagement with the conference content and your organization after the event
  • Review concurrent sessions they may have missed due to scheduling conflicts
  • Eliminate the need for note-taking by revisiting sessions to review key points and boost retention
  • Share conference content with other staff members back home
  • Use Q&A to connect further with presenters

Online attendees

  • Allow individuals to attend online when they are unable to attend the physical event
  • Get the information presented without tapping limited travel and budget resources
  • Engage with thought leaders through Q&A and polls, and network with presenters, on-site and fellow online attendees through event and social networking
  • Provide more value for their online registration with open access to revisit presentations as needed to enhance learning

Corporate communication professionals

  • Cost-effectively get the message out to your audience at the same time, regardless of their physical location
  • Connect with a global audience to build mindshare and raise brand awareness
  • Control first impressions with a customizable interface and embeddable players that match your corporate brand
  • Increase the flow of information from corporate to the field
  • Get the team on the same page more regularly
  • Reduce the cost of all-hands meetings and sales, product or other corporate training
  • Support green meeting initiatives by eliminating the need for staff travel


  • Get greater exposure for them and their materials by reaching larger audiences online and on-site attendees to chose a different concurrent session
  • Create a digital archive of their presentation they can review later and use in their professional endeavors
  • Capture last minute changes, on-the-fly corrections or spontaneous web browsing
  • Archive session Q&A and viewing reports to mine for future presentation topics
  • Avoid installing special software or uploading presentation materials before the event

Meeting suppliers

  • Generate a proven return on investment by creating new revenue streams
  • Provide more value by driving increased event attendance and viewership
  • Make content available immediately for on-demand viewing, avoiding costly and time-consuming encoding, editing or post-production processes
  • Differentiate your service offering and gain competitive advantage by meeting the needs of media-savvy event planners and corporate communicators
  • Capture all presentation sources, from cameras, mics, laptops and any other digital equipment on-site