“The Mediasite Desktop Recorder will be easier for us to maintain than other software-based options. The app is just so easy to use, I know even our most tech-challenged staff are going to quickly adopt it. And because it’s a web client, our user-generated content will automatically upload to our Mediasite EX management platform.” ~Brian Smith, IT Specialist, University of Florida

In case you missed it, this week we announced some pretty significant enhancements to our Mediasite EX video content management system with the 6.1 family of features. 

With Mediasite 6.1, you’ll be able to record and upload rich media presentations, learning objects or training modules from your very own desktop or laptop and automatically publish them to the Mediasite EX platform. And the new user-generated content module allows instructors, staff and students to easily create, upload, edit, share and manage rich video presentations wherever they are through the new My Mediasite and Mediasite Desktop Recorder. 

These are just a few of the 6.1 family of features. Check out our press release, Sonic Foundry Elevates Video Content Management and Rich Video Capture with Mediasite 6.1, for a comprehensive look at what’s set to be release next month.  

You can also read more about Brian and how he uses Mediasite at the University of Florida at www.sonicfoundry.com/customer/brian-smith. Check out what other Mediasite users have to say at www.sonicfoundry.com/why-mediasite.  

Happy Friday!