"The Sam M. Walton College of Business was thrilled to be awarded a Rich Media Impact Award. We’ve used Mediasite to deliver dissertations live for faculty members that were traveling, to create training and orientation videos for new staff and faculty, to deliver a few classes across the globe to our partner college in New Delhi, India, and much more. Having this award is a constant reminder of the benefits of webcasting and motivates us to continue communicating to the masses in new and innovative ways."

~Jim Goodlander, associate director of technology at the Sam M. Walton College of Business

Jim is a long-time user of Mediasite at the Sam M. Walton College of Business and part of the Rich Media Impact Award (RMIA) community of past winners.

“We’ve been using Mediasite for over seven years here,” Jim said. “The old method of delivering classes included bridge videoconferencing over three Arkansas counties, and there was a lot of room for Murphy’s Law to take effect on equipment.”

According to Jim, switching to Mediasite not only cut down on possible equipment failure, it allowed his team to streamline production and manage that content in a more organized fashion. It also offered a boon in student satisfaction. “All our students now depend on their once-a-month face to face classes being recorded so they can review later. Now that people have adapted to this technology so well, I find people are often coming to me specifically mentioning Mediasite as the system they want to use for delivery. It has sold itself to our faculty and staff.”

You can read more of Jim’s story and why he won an RMIA here