"UNLEASH feeds my creative side, and at the same time I discover my inner “tech geek”.  The conference is innovative and pushes the envelope on incorporating new technology – such as the conference’s new mobile app. I especially enjoy networking with people from all around the world and discussing ideas and tips. I leave knowing that I can utilize Mediasite and other technologies in many more ways. Sonic Foundry takes care of the details that make for an invigorating experience that recharges my “go get ‘em” spirit. I leave with the UNLEASH advantage. It is what all conference experiences should be like!"
~Mona Aldana-Ramirez, Director of Retention Support Services, San Antonio College

In the past few years, Mona has used Mediasite as a versatile webcasting workhorse on San Antonio College’s campus, pivotal in everything from helping teachers excel to being the main communication line to faculty, students and the community. She regularly attends UNLEASH, the Mediasite User Conference to fill her well of ideas, and goes back to San Antonio College ready to execute on new applications and programs.

In the meantime, visit sonicfoundry.com/customer/mona-aldana-ramirez to see some of Mona’s successful and innovative Mediasite moments, and a fun UNLEASH MUG Jam. And feel free to check out what other Mediasite users are up to at sonicfoundry.com/why-mediasite.