Florida State University senior Daniel Domínguez is somewhat of a worldwide celebrity thanks to Mediasite.

The 22-year-old environmental science major and philosophy minor is already an accomplished videographer, having been responsible for recording, editing, starring in and uploading hundreds of videos as Chief Technology Officer of the campus’ GEOSET Studios.

GEOSET (Global Educational Outreach for Science, Engineering and Technology) is a globally-created store of freely accessible, streaming online educational material via Mediasite that anyone can watch. And the really impressive part? It’s run primarily by FSU students like Daniel who hope to show their peers that it’s never too early to share their research and passions with the world.

Daniel was awarded the Sonic Foundry Video in Education Scholarship for the innovative work he’s doing at FSU. Read on to learn about Daniel’s experiences with campus video and future aspirations.

What is GEOSET?
GEOSET is a global education outreach program that’s been around for about 10 years. It operates independently and has roughly 30 satellite studios around the world. It aims to make online distance learning free and available to everybody. Students and faculty can record presentations about the research, class projects, grant proposals, hobbies, experiments, music demos, etc. and share that video live or on-demand globally via Mediasite.

We want to get creative and passionate people to come in and work with us and do incredible things.

We have content for all ages — from grade school all the way to post-doctoral. We really try to cater to the entire spectrum.

What is your role?
As the chief technology officer I do a lot of the recording, editing and putting the videos on our Mediasite server and website, www.geoset.info. We have a huge database full of presentations from all over the world and in a few different languages. Most of the videos are done by undergraduates who are creating short, digestible videos. The studio and equipment is a free resource for students and the public. They can record a video project, make a demo CD, go out in the field to film, etc.

What are your current GEOSET projects?
Right now I have an educational series called “Do Touch.” It’s a web series where I encourage young scientists and collectors to label, love and learn about the world. I show kids between the ages of 5 and 12 how to bring science home, start useful collections and appreciate the little known world of systematics. This is the prime age for kids to really be fascinated in science. You have to catch them while they’re young.

Do you see yourself as a role model?
I do see myself as a role model. When I get behind the camera I’m not just trying to get kids involved in science. I’m hoping that the kids within the Latino community will see me and see a little bit of themselves. I want to further involvement of Latinos in science.

But GEOSET is not just about teaching the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. We want everyone to be able to teach something they’re passionate about. For example, one girl came in and did an entire presentation on the Italian healthcare system.

Another undergraduate student teacher recorded a presentation called “Essential Language Skills for a Adolescent Literacy: Have We Persuaded You?” This video investigates what it means for students in Florida to not pass the persuasive writing portion of standardized tests.

Why did GEOSET choose Mediasite as its video content management solution?
We use Mediasite by Sonic Foundry because we found it’s the best for doing the dual capture for presentations. The Mediasite Recorders dramatically speed up our workflow and allow us to build rich content in our database efficiently. For us, that means reaching a global audience faster and providing consistent high quality material without tons of editing.

What are your future career goals?
It really is incredible to be part of GEOSET and the FSU community. I’ve learned a lot working at GEOSET. In this day and age any skill in technology is something you need to advertise and it’s something you need to take seriously. All the skills I learned at GEOSET and working with Mediasite will help me with my future plans for grad school and a career in environmental science.