The holiday season is a time to relax and reminisce with family and friends, but with that comes endless snacking, gigantic meals and leftovers. If you are guilty of spending your entire holiday in front of the dips, fudge, cookies, and mashed potatoes – which, be serious, you are – then it’s time to work off those calories and get back into shape in 2012.

Lack of time to get to a gym is not an excuse anymore, because Baton Rouge’s Louisiana State University Recreation (UREC), is streaming workout videos from their popular UREC GroupX series, as well as healthy lifestyle tips from professionals online via Mediasite by Sonic Foundry. With more than 26,000 students on campus trying to get into dance, yoga, cardio and resistance classes, UREC realized it made sense to stream them to reach a wider audience.  That not only increased the number of classes offered, but also the number of participants. Students can access the classes via the UREC home page, and an instructor takes them through a 30-60 minute workout, each including a warm-up, a specific style of workout, and a cool down.

For this unique use of Mediasite, LSU UREC was a Rich Media Impact Award Finalist in the ‘Prolific Use’ category in 2011.

“Mediasite has allowed LSU UREC to create an online environment that enables students and the public to participate in fitness programs and learn about a healthy lifestyle from any computer with Internet access,” said Scott Belanger, coordinator of marketing and public relations at UREC. “Mediasite has enhanced our ability to engage students in today’s hectic world.”

Since 2008 more than 6,100 hours of exercise have been webcast. They’ve received over 24,000 views.  In fact, the Mediasite content has been so well received that the university plans to re-brand its online content and add significantly more in the coming months. It is upgrading its webcasting technology to Mediasite 6, which will allow students to access workouts right from their iPhones, iPads and BlackBerrys.

So if you don’t want to make that seemingly long trek to your local gym, think of the GroupX online classes. You’ll get a great workout from the comfort of your own home. What can be better than that?