(Part of an ongoing series featuring Enterprise Video Award finalists)

Students and faculty at Florida State University don’t have to go far to have their voices heard all over the world. All they need to do is step into the GEOSET Studios where they can record presentations about their research, class projects, grant proposals, hobbies, experiments, music demos, etc. and share that video live or on-demand globally via Mediasite.

Geoset is a globally-created store of freely accessible, streaming online educational material. And the really impressive part? It’s run primarily by FSU students who hope to show their peers that it’s never too early to share their research and passions with the world.

In fact, students have even received jobs and research positions because of their Geoset videos.

“Before Mediasite we used handheld cameras to record FSU research and put it on YouTube or the FSU website,” said Phillip, one of the students who works at Geoset. “And now we have high-quality, beautiful videos that are easy to make, easy to encourage students to do, and easy to help them share their research, share their passions.”