(Part of an ongoing series featuring Enterprise Video Award finalists)

Communication is hard, and lack of it causes confusion. Phone calls and letters are antique. Face-to-face conversations are best, but in a global context, they are expensive and difficult to arrange.

That’s according to Scott Lawson, director of IT architecture at QAD. For more than a decade Scott has made it his mission to make communication better –especially enterprise communication – using video.

Enter QTube, a corporate style YouTube at QAD that has cost-effectively improved communication within the organization. Anyone with a laptop, webcam and Mediasite can create and publish videos containing community updates, professional development and training. Employees can also rate them, see what videos are being watched and which are the most popular.

Now he’s also a Google Glass Explorer, and pushing the boundaries of recording and uploading video anytime, anywhere.

“Connecting Glass to a corporate management system like Mediasite, anyone can record, push and publish video using voice commands,” Lawson said.