Photo: Ian Wilkinson or Texas Tech University presents at Unleash 2016. 

Texas Tech University in Lubbock is geographically isolated from the rest of the state and 300 miles from the nearest city in any direction. For that reason, the university, which has 13 colleges and more than 35,000 students – 1,800 of which are solely online -- has a large emphasis on distance education and outreach programs.

“Video learning works well with a lot of our students who previously took correspondence courses … especially the way Mediasite compresses and makes presentations available without interference to people in areas with low bandwidth,” said Ian Wilkinson, education projects specialist at TTU.

Mediasite usage has skyrocketed on campus with the introduction of My Mediasite Desktop Recorder. The university currently has:

  • 12,000+ presentations (4,000+ created last year alone)
  • 10,000+ hours of content
  • 25,000 unique viewers (It expects to hit 1 million views this fall.)
  • 250 faculty and staff creating videos

Wilkinson and his team receive several requests each month from faculty wanting to create academic video for flipped or online learning.

“We want everything to be as easy as a click of a button for faculty members,” Wilkinson said. “People can upload video within 15 minutes with My Mediasite.”

Wilkinson presented about TTU’s Mediasite use today at Unleash 2016, the Mediasite User Conference in Madison, Wis. this week.

Learn more about how TTU uses Mediasite in this on-demand webinar, Teaching A Class from 1,700 Miles Away: How Texas Tech Leverages Mediasite for Live Remote Instruction.