Photos: (Right) An ABC for Health employee records a webcast with Mediasite about lifeline and link-up services in Wisconsin. (Bottom) Julia Gutnik, a University of Wisconsin-Madison intern, and Brynne McBride, assistant director, ABC for Health, record the webcast in their studio. They also record talk-show formatted webcasts on the left wall.

A nonprofit law firm in Madison, Wis. created an online, YouTube-style video hub with informative Mediasite webcasts about government health programs.

Advocacy & Benefits Counseling for Health, Inc. (ABC for Health) provides training and information on public and private health insurance programs and health reform in its ‘HealthWatch Wisconsin Teaching & Training Portal.’

“We can instantly reach thousands of people with Mediasite, compared to when we do in-person trainings with 50 people in a room. Participants can ask questions and answer polls within Mediasite, too,” said Brynne McBride, assistant director. “We have so much fun recording videos. Instead of sitting down and writing an editorial to share with our members we can use Mediasite to record engaging video.”

A few publically available presentations include:

Check out today’s press release, Mediasite Webcasts Help ABC for Health Educate Wisconsin Advocates and Families About Health Care Reform, to learn more.