If you're a fan of Lock Haven University (LHU) athletics you don't have to live in Pennsylvania to watch sporting events.

The university uses Mediasite to broadcast its sports coverage to parents, fans, boosters, and alumni across the globe, to places like Australia, England, and Trinidad and Tobago. 

Students in the university's HAVENc@st club in the Sports Information Office receive experience in sports announcing and production by handling various positions in the cable TV and web radio coverage of the university's sports. The program uses Mediasite to webcast every sporting event played in the Thomas Field House -- Lock Haven's home turf. It's also instilling passion and skill in aspiring young broadcasters who cover the games from the sidelines.

Peter Campbell, senior associate director of athletics at the university, presented at UNLEASH 2012 today. His presentation “Webcasting and Athletics: Reaching Out to the Community,” focused on ideas and collaboration with other groups on campus to generate revenue and expand its reach using Mediasite. 

Lock Haven is a small state school with about 4,700 students and an emphasis on international education. It competes in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference and has 18 varsity level sports and students from several different countries. So using Mediasite to record and live stream athletic events is “invaluable.” 

The school began using Mediasite primarily for academics but the athletic department wanted a way to have more media coverage and expand its reach. 

“We looked at Mediasite as the perfect answer,” he said. 

In 2005 the university became a laptop campus, meaning every freshman has a laptop, so that greatly enhanced the department’s ability to do Mediasite webcasts and reach a large audience. For parents, the recordings are perfect because a lot of the sporting events occur during the day when they are at work. Parents can watch live from their offices or watch it on-demand at home. 

Mediasite allows the school to reach alumni to keep them up to date with the school, and that hopefully results in donations. 

The webcasts even work for recruits, because before and at intermissions during webcasts the school plays an admissions video that provides some information about the university. 

And finally advertisers – Mediasite generates revenue for the school this way, too. There are different levels of advertising. For example, a sports broadcast sponsor involves a company (in Lock Haven’s case it’s a travel company) providing supplies to the team(s) and in turn the company’s name is displayed during webcasts and recognized as a sponsor. The general ad package generates between $30,000 and $40,000 for the school through online media guides, links on the athletic website and links on the webcasts. 

Another way the school generates revenue with Mediasite is with a phone-a-thon from the Lacrosse team. They raised over $12,000 for their program by streaming their program on Mediasite and having viewers call in to make donations. The school also helps with other campus events outside athletics and is working to purchase an ML (mobile) Recorder so it can live stream away games and also events in the community. 

He said it’s all about thinking outside the box and suggested an online auction as a way to generate revenue with Mediasite. Have people call in and place bids for what they see on their screens. 

Above is a photo of one of Peter’s slides that shows examples of what they record and how many views they received.